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01/22/2010    10:30 AM

Here is a very insightful post by BMW insider Scott26/27 who mentions that an iS version of the X3 is definitly fair game, especially in the USA where such a model could find itself in some demand.


BMW have high hopes for this Sport Activity Vehicle that the design department are working on a iS Specification model with an Aerodynamic pack reminiscent of the new Z4 iS. The front bumper in the Autoweek design is what you will see in the actual car but for the iS the openings at the brake ducts are more open and feature the bar across the intake. The rear … CONTINUED

01/21/2010    12:15 AM

BMW continues testing the X3 but doesn’t yet want to pull of anymore camo so once again we see the black and white psychadelic camo and not much else. Like the X1, the proportions look good and this should end up as a very nice upgrade to the current X3 when the car is finally released.

Attachment 342559

Attachment 342560

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Source: CAR Magazine

01/08/2010    8:56 AM

The sister publication of Autobild "Allrad" has a new Huckfeldt interpretation of the forthcoming BMW X3 Sport Activity Vehicle. As of all the publications who have created illustrations of the X3 , This interpretation stands out as the closest to the production car which this time around will be built at BMWs Spartanburg plant in South Carolina.

Taking as many of the characteristics from the E83 and refining them such as the rising glasshouse towards the rear of the car coincides with a sloping coupe like roof at the rear quarter this brings the X3s characteristic rear quarter light a better resolved solution allowing it to be smaller and more shapely. The visual appeareance of the car adds more muscle to … CONTINUED

12/11/2009    8:23 AM

Joining its brethern (the 3-series and 1-series) the next generation X3 has also been caught starting its cold weather testing cycle. It seems X3 development has been slowed down a little (because of the success of the X1 as some rumors have it). As you may remember this X3 has been under development for quite a long time now, far longer then the next 1-Series and 3-Series.

Credits to spyshots.nl for the photos:

08/24/2009    9:38 PM

Spyshots.nl once again bring more spy photos to the web, this time photos of the next generation BMW X3. While these photos offer nothing new in terms of the amount of camo still on the car, they do confirm that the car has grown noticeably compared to the current car, and will make more sense in the BMW lineup next to the current BMW X1. The car should also take a few visual cues from its X1 and X5 bretheren to give it a much more fresh look in line with the current styling themes in the X brand.

Attachment 299691

Attachment 299692

Attachment 299693

Attachment … CONTINUED

02/05/2009    2:13 PM

Although the talk has predominantly surrounded the all new X1 model, BMW continues to work on the X3, and judging by the amount of development time being put into this car, it will be a significant step up in quality and design from the current model. Here are some photos of the car testing in cold weather environments.

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12/09/2008    11:00 PM

Here are the photos that are most important to alot of people out there. A direct comparison between the current X3 and the newly redesigned model. Although the car is heavily camoflaged, we can make out the general dimensions and it seems the new car has grown very little compared to the current model, althought it has grown.

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07/07/2008    5:51 PM

For the first time ever, we caught the next generation X3! The current X3 will have to soldier on for a few more years until the arrival of an all-new model slatted for the 2011 model year. Nonetheless, these are the very first spy-shots of Munichs (and Spartanburgs!) compact SUV photographed earlier today.

The new X3s dimensions will hardly change compared with the current one, and its styling will be shaped to reflect elements from the CS Concept. The basic shape will remain much the same, however the new model is expected to feature a more prominent grille plus new wraparound headlights.

Designers will also focus on improving the quality of the interior, as the new X3 will be facing stiff competition from the recently unveiled new Audi Q5 and Mercedes-Benz GLK.

Production … CONTINUED

06/05/2008    11:01 AM

These are the latest rendering by Huckfeldt of what he thinks the upcoming X1 and X3 redesign could be. These seem to be off-base IMO as they are not inline with BMWs current styling trend

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