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10/20/2009    11:35 AM

Sport-cars.fr has provided us with this review and in-depth look at the X6 Falcon by AC Schnitzer. Enjoy.

09/29/2009    7:19 PM

Using the same base X6 xDrive 35d (diesel), the two famed German tuning houses AC Schnitzer and Hartge have put together their own take on where to take these cars. And were glad to see that German magazine AutoZeitung has gotten their hands on both of these vehicles and thought to put together a head-to-head. If you are german speaking, make sure to read the entire article by following the link below.

For the non-german speaking among us, here is a brief summary:


- 328 HP / 675 Nm torque

- 22" Wheels

AC Schnitzer

- 313 HP / 680 Nm torque

- 23" Wheels

- 30mm lowering

09/17/2009    9:02 AM

An Xbimmers member took delivery of the world’s first Dinan X6 50i with a complete Stage 1 upgrade, including tuning, Brembos, exhaust, black cermaic exhaust tips, and suspension.

09/13/2009    11:46 AM

2010 X6 35i and 50i models will get a new BMW “Performance Upgrade” option which will boost both horsepower and torque.

09/04/2009    10:11 AM

Hammanns extreme widebody X6 “Tycoon Evo” will be introduced to the public at the Frankfurt Motor Show coming up in just 1-2 weeks. Back in December 08, Hamann debuted its “tycoon” aero kit, but this an even more radical “Evo” version.

The Tycoon Evo kit boasts a body thats 60mm wider than a stock X6! It also includes new front fascia, sideskirts, rear diffuser, rear spoilers, LED lights, dual center exhaust and 23″ Hamann wheels… along with the traditioanl Hamann interior cosmetic parts. 

As for performance, Hamann offers tuning software for the entire range of X6 engines. Their xDrive35i software bumps the horsepower from 306hp to 360hp. Their xDrive30d software bumps the power from 235hp to 265hp. The xDrive35d software bumps the … CONTINUED

08/23/2009    4:15 PM

485 hp and 575 lb-ft torque makes this the most power hybrid in the world and the first ever BMW hybrid SUV (or SAC in BMW-speak)

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08/15/2009    10:53 AM

Here’s a BMW released video of the X6 ActiveHybrid in motion, including narrative explaining ActiveHybrid technology.

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08/12/2009    1:24 PM

We bring you early photos and specs of the production BMW X6 hybrid which will have its public debut at the Frankfurt Motorshow next month.

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07/23/2009    7:18 AM

New XBimmers member and eagle eye Sully_C5er spotted the X6 Hybrid in South Carolina yesterday. The hood scoop is going to be the most obvious characteristic of the hybrid BMWs

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