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04/01/2010    3:00 AM

Well, as some of you may remember, Mr. Clarkson made a point of showing how poorly the BMW SAVs performed off road. BMW shot back quickly with their snow driving youtube videos, but now Clarkson’s own magazine, Top Gear now seems to approve of the off road capabilities of the X6.

01/05/2010    8:00 AM

Jeremy Clarkson has long been accused of being anti BMW. A reputation he certainly earned. But as of late, he has changed his tune and has been actually praising most recent BMWs. Unfortunatly, it seems in this episode, Clarkson isnt very fond of the X6. Regardless, in typical Top Gear style, his review is very entertaining and he mixes his opinion with great visuals and entertainment all the way through. The sub plot of the entire review is hilarious!

12/28/2009    11:00 AM

Road and Track magazine always put out great first drive write-ups and I was pleasantly surprised that they got their hands onto an ActiveHybrid X6 to do some road testing on this quick into the game. R&T go over the must know info about the car and give a quick thought on their two bits.

The following are some excerpts


During full electric running, we achieved stints of about a mile in light city traffic before the gas engine would activate. Regardless of engine load or speed, the transition from electric to gas was seamless.