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01/20/2011    6:10 PM

Although the BMW Z2 Roadster and Z2 Coupe are not expected to debut until 2013, we should begin to see and hear more news and renderings in 2011, like this latest one from Carmagazine UK. The Z2 has been designed at Designworks and will be based on the next generation F20 1-series platform. BMW’s design philosophy is to keep the car lighweight, dynamic, and sporty by using a high strength steel body with aluminum doors and front bonnet. Based on earlier rumors, the target weight for both the Z2 coupe and roadster is 1000kg (only 2,200 pounds)! We’ll believe that one when we see it, but it’s good to hear that keeping the Z2′s weight down is a principle concern.

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08/29/2010    9:00 AM

It’s been a long while since we’ve had word on the hotly anticipated Z2 Coupe and Roadster, but BMW insider Scott26′s confirms that the Z2 twins are underway and have been designed by Designworks. He has also stated that the Z2 is currently expected in 2013.

06/05/2009    8:30 AM

Scott26 provides a preview of the next generation product lineup for the 1 series, as well as the exciting Z2 and a lightweight 135i!

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04/23/2009    8:35 AM

BMW insider Scott26 gives us another gem in the form of information about the upcoming BMW Z2 which will apparently be a part of the Project-i which includes hybrid and electric powered vehicles!

03/21/2009    3:31 PM

Here is the full set of Huckfeldt’s drawings of what the proposed Z2 Coupe and Roadster could look like

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03/19/2009    3:11 PM

Scott gives us a glimpse into the future of BMW with the upcoming Z2 design study which is said to be turned into a real production car. We are clinging our hopes on this car!

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02/19/2009    5:59 PM

Is the rumored little roadster from BMW on track for a 2011 debut? Auto Motor und Sport seems to think so. They even have a rendering by renowned artist Mark Stehrenberger to prove it. If we are to believe the rumors, the BMW Z2 should be closer to what the original Z3 was. That is, more of an entry level roadster to compete with the premium versions of the Mazda MX-5, compared to the more upscale Z4 that just debuted, which is more of a Porsche Boxster rival.

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09/16/2008    8:11 PM

Reports out of germany are surfacing about the Z2.

The car will be based off the 1-series in order to create a very light and fast on its feet roadster which which come exclusivly in a ragtop configuration in order to keep weight down and to distance itself from its older Z4 brother which is moving to a convertable hardtop design. Some of the plans are even calling for a purely manual top in order to further reduce weight (although an automatic top function will likely be available as an option).

Going along these lines, the car will be designed around the companys versatile 4 cylinder engine lines including the 1.6l that will be shared between BMW, Mini and Peugeot.

In terms of styling this car is said to be very sharply designed … CONTINUED