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04/05/2009    7:52 AM

BMW of Swiss has posted up the entire catalogue of OEM BMW Accessories for the Z4 and it looks like they’ve put some effort into crafting some nice parts for us. I’ve gona ahead and tried to grab all the pictures I can and put them together in one place. Enjoy!

03/28/2009    3:38 PM

BMW North America has just released the U.S pricing for the new 2009 BMW Z4. As expected, there is a price increase over the previous Z4 generation, but still significantly lower than the German pricing.

The entry model, BMW Z4 sDrive30i has a base price of $46,575 and the twin-turbo powered sDrive35i jumps over the 50k mark, more specifically, $52, 475. Both prices include the Destination & Handling fee.

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03/28/2009    9:18 AM

Here are some pics of the new Z4 taken @ BMW Welt today:

03/27/2009    3:36 PM

Think the exhibit is going on all weekend. If you are in NYC you should definitly stop by.

Attachment 252622

Attachment 252623

Attachment 252624

Attachment 252625

Attachment 252626

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Attachment 252630

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03/26/2009    7:29 PM

Heinz Krusche is BMW’s chassis guru. I’ve met him several times, and always enjoyed top insight from him (not least his tales of how he keeps DSC turned on for the road – but ‘always’ turns it off when on track…).


Such people exist in every car company, but they don’t always have the power of Krusche.

He wields the same sort of influence as Jost Capito at Ford. There’s another genial genius – and look at how well Fords drive. Lotus, too, has Matt Becker, ensuring that every model drives sublimely.

So, speaking … CONTINUED

03/20/2009    3:27 PM

Edmunds InsideLine is on top of their game again, getting a first drive with the new E89 Z4 and giving us their writeup. Excellent stuff!

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03/20/2009    3:26 PM

A BMW spokesman talking with iMotorMag states that there is no business case for making an M Roadster/M Coupe based on the Z4 due to the poor economic climate.

However, the good news is that they do reveal that BMW is planning an M Sport package which will include a body kit, large alloy wheels, tuned suspension and an M-branded steering wheel. In the cards is talk of an ECU remap upgrade to boost engine output of the 3.0-litre twin-turbo by an extra 20hp taking the total to 326hp.

BMW made similarly strong statements with the E85 Z4 as well but finally caved in after a few years of enthusiast demands — so im not ruling it out … CONTINUED

03/17/2009    3:04 PM

I’ve personally never heard of the red dot design award before today, but it is inspiring to know that there are people out there who appreciate the design of the new Z4 and are willing to give their stamp of approval!

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03/11/2009    2:50 PM

Being the tech-savvy company it is (or at least it wants to show that it is), BMW has released a new game for the iPhone and iPod Touch to show off its new Z4 Roadster. The game that can be downloaded for free from Apple is inspired from the BMW Z4′s “An Expression of Joy” campaign and it allows players to “draw” using the wheels of their car by choosing different colors of paint so that their tire tracks create drawings.

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