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04/17/2011    2:40 PM

The first valencia orange 1M coupe european delivery journal has been updated with days 2-4 of the adventure which took them to the Stelvio pass, the Swiss Alps, Italy, and Southern France. Next update – from the Spa race circuit!

04/13/2011    4:50 PM

Just as the first European Delivery journal wraps up, here comes another – the first euro delivered valencia orange 1M coupe! 1ADDICTS member MNavigator has begun chronicling his 10 day adventure which will take him through 5 countries, 4 racing circuits, and some of the best driving roads in the world. Follow along inside.

04/11/2011    4:40 PM

1addicts member WLKSFTLY brings perhaps the most exciting update yet from his 1M european delivery adventure, this time recounting his time spent on the Nurburgring with his brand new car! Photos and videos inside.

04/08/2011    8:00 AM

Derek comes in with update #3 to his 1M coupe european delivery journal, this time posting the first owner videos of the 1M coupe, as well as his own personal reactions to the car after some more time in the pilot seat.

04/07/2011    8:00 AM

1addicts member and very first 1M coupe owner, Derek, has updated his 1M european delivery journal with his unique experience at BMW M with the 1M engineers and all the information which they shared. Some great 1M technical info has been posted in update #3 to Derek’s journal. See inside for the update.

04/06/2011    11:01 AM

A 1addicts member is the first to take delivery of his 1M coupe! And he did it in style, via european delivery! The occasion was so important that the 1M engineers even invited him to the M Studio at BMW M HQ at Garching for a short sit-down and briefing. Check out Derek’s ongoing journal inside!

03/31/2011    9:30 AM

Live through an M3 european delivery vicariously via this lucky M3post member’s 25 minute video detailing the experience one goes through on a BMW european delivery. Watch a BMW motorbike ridden inside the Welt, footage of various parts of the Welt and BMW Museum, the excitement BKMK5 experiences when picking up his new M3, some spirited driving, and finally some German sights.

03/04/2011    6:00 PM

Here’s a great M3 video review by the guys at Flatoutproject, featuring three M3s being run and reviewed in the Alps, along with some scenic stops along the way.

03/03/2011    12:30 PM

A Bimmerpost member has compiled this ultimate museum guide to the Germany area for those on European Delivery trips.

Dackel has likely literally been to every major auto museum in Germany. This should make a great reference for anyone planning an ED or who just want to see how spoiled auto enthusiasts are in Germany. Not only do they have great Autobahns but also some of the best museums in the world.