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12/13/2008    2:37 AM

many many thanks to my friend adam who arranged all of this…it was his birthday party. i think its safe to say we had a blast today. i have tons of videos to chop so i probably wont be posting any until late tonight or tomorrow. below are the pics!

details on location: the new autoscope location in dallas “the dream garage”. words cant describe how impeccable these new facilities are. everything is modern and clean…and the dynos…. they are twin AWD mustang dynos complete with a drag race setup…tree and all. as youll see when i post the video, my M3 did a 12.13@113mph in the quarter mile. definitely surprised a few people.

cars in attendance: ferrari 612 scaglietti (an absolutely gorgeous car), ford GT, 2 nissan GT-Rs, multiple … CONTINUED

10/04/2008    8:42 PM

BMFEAST (original event thread) was a resounding success! We saw approximately 400 BMWs in attendance at one point! BMWs of numerous years and models were in attendance. The E90/E92 3-series and E46 3-series models were most represented, but we saw everything from a 2002 to the newest model M3s.

The day started ominously with overcast skies and showers, but by noon the sun had made an appearance. Then the DJd music flowed, the videographer went to work, and the food and beverages were aplenty, as were the raffle prizes. Tons of prizes were given away including various cosmetic and performance parts for E30s, E36s, E46s, E90/E92s and E60s. A BMW bicycle was also among some of the most desired prizes.

We hope to see everyone again (and more) at BMFEAST … CONTINUED

09/13/2008    8:58 PM

E90Post member cntlaw brings us these amazing photos of the BMW Experience in Hong Kong. Many thanks to one of the most dedicated BMW fans out there!

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07/27/2008    8:53 PM

New Jersey E90Post – Central Jersey M.O.M – Saturday, July 26th 2008

Well, the Central Jersey Mother Of all Meets was one hell of time. The weather was almost as nice as the rides. I want to thank Alex (nj323ci) for organizing the event as well as all those who helped set it up and kept it running throughout the day. Special thanks to Supreme Power, Best Buy of Iselin, DJs Milky Mike and Ralphy Smooth and Function Energy Drinks for sponsoring the event. Here are some pics (no post processing):

GRRRR…PB bandwidth has been exceeded….

Here is the link to the album for now….Ill have this fixed soon!:


Password: bctstudios

First the sponsors:

Now for the show:… CONTINUED

07/09/2008    9:14 PM

Sign up now for BMFeast, we promise to make this event worth while!

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06/22/2008    10:32 AM

The Tristate Bear Mountain meet was a resounding success and here is the official meet photos and video gallery!

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05/11/2008    7:57 PM

As usual Texas does everything big and here are some photos of one of their meets :)

03/21/2008    5:32 PM

@7:00am sharp, e90post HK very first group of 9 E9Xs entering the official opening of Hong Kongs highway Route #8 costed 50 billions HK$ to built.
( cruise straightly compliance with 2 seconds safety rule )
Even won "turnheads" from traffic policemen!


(more info about Route #8


03/17/2008    10:03 PM

The NorCal group is at is again with another MOM — Mother of all Meets! The pictures do the talking in this case, and as usual makes me wish I was there..