06/11/2013     9:00 AM

Some drag races between a F13 M6 Coupe and some formidable competition: the R35 GTR, Porsche turbo, X6M and R34 GTR.

06/10/2013     9:30 PM

Parts diagrams and drawings of various parts of the BMW 4 Series Coupe (F32), including the front bumper, front fender, headlights and tail lights.

These can be seen in our spy photos revealing the 4 Series Coupe.

06/10/2013     3:28 PM

Here’s a public service announcement for all our members. Lots of caution needs to be used when driving performance driving your BMW on public roads, especially when there are natural dangers like cliffs.

Watch this video as a E46 M3 owned by an M3POST member’s friend powerslides off a cliff and is totaled. Luckily, the driver/owner walked away with his life.

06/10/2013     1:40 PM

Upcoming 2014 BMW models will be available with the new iDrive Touch system, which features a touch sensitive controller knob for a whole new way of input. Instead of having to scroll for letter input, users can now write letters on the surface of the iDrive knob.

This new written input method can be used anywhere where a speller wheel is needed: navigation, multimedia search, contact search, phone numbers, etc.

It also accepts gestures for such actions as zooming in and out on a map.

Check out a demo below.

06/10/2013     11:55 AM

BMW i will soon launch its very first production model when it introduces the production BMW i3 within the next few months.

This set of videos explain much about the philosophies and technologies behind the BMW i3 (and i8), as well as BMW’s commitment and investment in mass producing carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), which will eventually be used extensively in regular BMW models, such as the next gen 2016 7 Series (G11).

06/10/2013     10:45 AM

166,397 Group vehicles sold worldwide in May, an increase of 6.0%
BMW sales increase by 7.8% to 139,161 vehicles last month
Solid double-digit growth posted in several markets

Munich – June 10, 2013.. BMW Group sales recorded solid growth once again in May. With 166,397 BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce automobiles delivered worldwide (prev. yr. 156,954/ +6.0%), the BMW Group achieved its best-ever May sales result. A total of 770,025 (prev. yr. 728,038/ +5.8%) vehicles have been delivered to customers since the start of the year, the highest sales figures ever for the company in the first five months of the year.

Ian Robertson, Member of the Board of Management, Sales and Marketing BMW, said in Munich on Monday,

06/09/2013     11:00 PM

A BMW 2 series prototype crashed on the German Autobahn yesterday evening. According to the article, the driver lost control of his car at high speed, clipping 50m of the beam barrier on the right hand side of the road and came to a rest after another 150m in the left hand lane. Furthermore, 4 other cars on the other side were hit by debris. Luckily the driver sustained only minor injuries and no one else was hurt.

06/09/2013     1:47 PM

It’s always interesting to hear the history of the BMW M3 rehashed, but even more fun when you get to see them all together. Even more than that, we get to hear and see them all being driven in this recap of the BMW M3′s evolution, from E30 to E36 to E46 to the E90.

BWS Motorsports’ Marc Norris takes us through the generations.

P.S., if you’re interested, here’s a chart comparing the technical specs of all M3 generations [tech specs chart].

06/09/2013     11:00 AM

The BMW 3 Series continues living up to its hard-earned reputation as the best compact sports sedan in the world, and AUTOMOBILE MAGAZINE backs that up by presenting it with a coveted 2013 All-Star award. As the class benchmark since its debut in 1977, the BMW 3 Series has collected over a dozen of AUTOMOBILE MAGAZINE’s highly sought-after awards by remaining the best in the business.

“The BMW 3 Series has become so ubiquitous that it’s easy to forget how exceptional it really is,” said AUTOMOBILE’s Joe Lorio.

“…this BMW still can ignite an enthusiast’s fire in a way that its competitors cannot,” the article continued. “It’s in the way the steering effort loads up during a seemingly endless series of switchbacks, the way the suspension reacts … CONTINUED

06/08/2013     4:30 PM

About 50 BMW M3 CSL owners from different parts of Europe came to the BMW Welt in Munich to celebrate the CSL’s 10th birthday. The forward-thinking intelligent lightweight technology set the benchmark for the car construction of future models.

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