05/06/2011     8:00 AM

An E91 M3 Touring was never in the cards for this generation of M3s, but that hasn’t stopped wagon fans from undertaking their own custom conversions. We previously featured an M3POST member’s full E91 M3 custom build (both mechanicals and bodywork), but here’s yet another one.

This build only features cosmetics (save for the quad exhaust), but it’s an impressive build nevertheless. The exterior has custom built in the M3 style. But it doesn’t end there. The exterior also features a matte “frozen” black finish, much like the special edition M3s.

05/05/2011     6:31 PM

With the production M5′s likely reveal next month, F10 M5 FEP-stage prototypes are out testing in force. We bring you the best photos yet of an Alpine White FEP F10 M5 testing on the streets of Germany. Although there’s never been any suspense as to which car we’ve been spying, the M5 badge has finally been affixed to the prototype, giving it a more final-form feel and signaling just how close we are to seeing the production version.

Not much camouflage remains on the prototype M5s. The front bumper and rear diffuser clearly will resemble the ones seen on the F10 M5 concept revealed last month, but the center section on the rear diffuser appears different than the concept version (larger photo below), taking on a … CONTINUED

05/05/2011     6:30 PM

Here are some new renders of the F30 3-series sedan, by German publication Auto Test. These are some of the more attractive renders we’ve seen and are clearly based off the F10 5-series, but with some attention to paid to previous F30 spy photos.

The rear 3/4 view is particular attractive. However, the renders are missing some new styling features revealed in the most recent F30 spy photos, such as the double character lines.

05/05/2011     12:40 PM

Well, that didn’t take long. 1M deliveries just began, but this black 1M coupe has already seen a whole host of modifications, both performance and cosmetic. Current modifications include BMW Performance kidneys, spoiler, steering wheel and seats, combined with Plus street legal Schroth 4-point harnesses.

Future modifications to come include: shifter rebuild, steel brake lines, and Pirelli P Zeros tires.

05/05/2011     10:50 AM

Here is a sneak peek into BMW’s 2011 Chinese ad campaign promoting the M series. It’s a bit over-the-top for the rest of the world, but makes sense for the Chinese market’s tastes.

05/05/2011     7:30 AM

Here is a video demonstrating the intelligent anticipatory 8-speed auto transmission currently in development by BMW. The smart 8-speed auto will know to downshift prior to the car entering corners or engaging hills, much as a manual driver would. The result is keeping the car in the proper ‘sweet spot’ gear and RPM range to allow for a sportier driving experience.

But that’s not all Foresight will do. According to Automobile, in addition to calling for earlier downshifts, Foresight will also instruct the transmission to hold a lower gear longer if it knows that there are multiple curves in close succession. For example, while driving through two curves connected with a short straight, a traditional automatic transmission might downshift gear-by-gear from eighth to fifth as … CONTINUED

05/04/2011     6:31 PM

A 5POST member spotted this FEP-stage F10 M5 recently and was able to capture video and photos. According to him (and a BMW master technician family member), he believes he possibly witnessed a F10 M5 manual transmission and ceramic brakes. What do you think? View the video and photos inside.

05/04/2011     6:30 PM

Autoexpress brings new renders of the F34 3-series Gran Turismo based the car’s spy photos, and SCOTT26 provides some more info on the upcoming 3-series GT. One new bit of info which comes as a surprise to us is that the 3-series GT concept will be debuted prior to the F30 3-series sedan. Read/see more inside.

05/04/2011     1:22 PM

The BMW Group continues to perform well and has generated a new record for first-quarter earnings. Group revenues increased by 28.9% to euro 16,037 million (2010: euro 12,443 million). The first-quarter profit before financial result (EBIT) rose sharply to euro 1,902 million (2010: euro 449 million) while the profit before tax (EBT) climbed to euro 1,812 million (2010: euro 508 million). Group net profit for the quarter improved to euro 1,212 million (2010: euro 324 million). The total number of BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brand cars sold increased by 21.3% to 382,758 units (2010: 315,614 units), the best first-quarter sales volume performance in the Group’s history.

“The BMW Group has made an excellent start to the new financial year. We have generated record earnings and sold more … CONTINUED

05/04/2011     11:15 AM

1M coupe owners are beginning to receive the special limited gift from registering on M-power.com. It’s a beautiful design sketch of the 1-series M coupe, signed and marked as one of 1000 total.

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