03/23/2011     11:00 AM

German publication Auto-news was at the Qatar MotoGP in Doha and given exclusive time with the new SafetyCar. The site seems a fitting place to show off the the new 1M as Qatar is in fact BMW’s second largest market in the Middle East.

But onto the car. According to auto-news, the car is both lighter and faster than the “stock” 1 Series M Coupe, with a lowered chassis and its own unique (blacked out) 19″ wheels. The brake system and adjustable rear spoiler are taken directly from the M3 GTS, not difficult tasks considering how the 1M was concieved. Removing the standard catalytic converters in the rear is good for an additional 7-10 HP, but this was not in the official party line from BMW. … CONTINUED

03/23/2011     10:00 AM

The camo has been steadily dropping from the upcoming MINI Coupe, not that the camo is needed, given the fact that the car was already shown off in “concept” form. However the fact that the camo is coming off on street evaluation models tells us that we are getting closer and closer to the release of the production model. In fact BMW has confirmed that the car will arrive by the end of the year!

With that said, what is a MINI without a hotted up JCW edition?

What we have here is the familiar MINI design with the coupe’s drop top roof and the same Cooper JCW aero addons as is already fitted to the MINI Cooper. The extended wheel arches make the most dramatic difference to … CONTINUED

03/23/2011     6:00 AM

Autoblog now has definitive confirmation that the M3 pickup is BMW’s 2011 April Fool’s Joke (last year featured their Political Roundel Attachment Tag gag). According to Autoblog: In a chat with BMW’s Munich head of product communications, Dirk Arnold, he offered up this quote: “Ah, yes, everyone’s been talking about that pickup. But, no, this is… how you call it, an April Fool’s Joke” [in German "Aprilscherz" - ed.]. There will be no M3 pickup in our futures, kids. But then Arnold sort of overcommunicated to us by dangling one of those “…in this generation” qualifiers. He then also managed to immediately clarify, “It is hugely doubtful that BMW will ever during our lives produce such a vehicle, in any segment.” Oh, pooh.

03/22/2011     8:38 PM

BMW conducts both extreme cold and extreme heat testing of all its prototype vehicles as part of each model’s development process. A lot of the extreme heat testing is performed in US’ infamous Death Valley, which regularly reaches 120-130F in the summer (with a record of 134F in 1913, the second hottest temperature ever recorded). In this video, BMW test engineers speak a bit about the extreme heat testing process, as well as what the experience is like.

03/22/2011     4:00 PM

This is a must action video of the monstrous 700+hp Manhart V8RS 4.4L M3 with the engine transplant from X6M! It’s in German, but when you have sights and sounds like this, words are barely necessary. Just look at the driver’s reaction and you can imagine the fury of this car.

03/22/2011     12:20 PM

To support its return to the Tokyo Autoshow in December after BMW’s hiatus from the show, BMW M will showcase on something that is outgoing but a current M car. But is an Engineering Concept that will show the possibilities of how BMW M
can progress in relation to a full lightweight concept in bodyshell and chassis in the future. Normally it’s key principle is of course Motorsport, but it is about giving you an insight into future application within a road car.

03/22/2011     11:45 AM

Swiss tuner Mansory reveals their F01 7-series tuning and aerodynamics program. The program features both performance and cosmetic revisions for the 750i and 760Li.

A remapped ECU and air intake bumps the 750i up to 490hp / 720Nm torque and the 760Li to 640hp / 920Nm torque. 0-62mph acceleration times have been dropped to 4.2 seconds for the 760Li (0.4 seconds faster than from the factory). The exhaust has been replaced by a sports exhaust system with square tips.

The cosmetic program features a full bodykit – with a super aggressive full front replacement bumper, carbon fiber kidney grilles, full replacement rear bumper with integrated diffuser, carbon fiber rear trunk spoiler, and carbon fiber roof spoiler. The wheels are 22″ wrapped in 265/35R22 F and 295/30R22 R tires.… CONTINUED

03/22/2011     1:56 AM

While we’re all waiting for its official debut, BMW continues testing FEP prototypes of the F10 M5. Spotted in SoCal, here are more pictures of a beautiful M5 in Silverstone II, a nice silver color with a light blue hue already known from the E60 M5. The previous Silverstone II sighting was at the Schipol Airport in the Netherlands.

The M5 will feature a twin-turbo twin-scroll V8 with an output of at least 555hp (internal code S63) and — according to latest reports — mated to a 7-speed DCT transmission. Expect the M5 to make its first appearance as a concept at the Shanghai Motor Show in April with the production version being one highlight of the IAA Frankfurt this September. BMW will help us waiting by … CONTINUED

03/21/2011     5:30 PM

We previously reported that BMW has plans to expand its TwinPower Turbo technology to its entire future 4-cylinder engine range. Word now comes from BMW AG that the future 3-cylinder engine range (gasoline and diesel) will also receive the TwinPower Turbo treatment.

The TwinPower Turbo package combines a single twin-scroll turbocharger, direct injection and full variable valvetronic. It first debuted on the N55 motor in the 5-series GT in 2009 and most recently on the first 4-cylinder motor, with the 2.0L N20 gasoline engine (full N20 details) in the X1 xDrive28i. The use of this technology allows for increased horsepower while decreasing CO2 emissions. As an example, the N20 outputs 245hp compared to just 156hp from the naturally aspirated version.

No timing yet on when the first TwinPower … CONTINUED

03/21/2011     1:50 PM

You’ve all seen the Top Gear M3 vs C63 vs RS4 episode, now read about ex-Stig Ben Collins’ personal review of each car from the episode. This is a great read [see inside]!

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