02/09/2011     11:00 AM

The F10 has been named the highest scoring car (safest) in the executive category of EURO NCAP’s crash test results. It exceeded the minimal thresholds for a 5 star overall rating by the largest margin of all cars in its category. See results inside.

02/09/2011     10:00 AM

For one of their Superbowl ads, BMW decided to simultaneously highlight the new X3 and the plant in which its built, the famed Spartanburg South Carolina factory. BMW had a point to make, they are deeply involved in manufacturing in the USA, and they are here to stay.

BMW USA has now put out this new short behind the scenes look at the making of the commercial. Whats most interesting to me and really highlights their dedication, is that the people on screen were not actors. These were the real deal workers at the plant. Check it out below.

02/09/2011     9:00 AM

New Options to be available:

* 20″ Wheels
* BMW Apps
* Optional 3-Seat Rear seat configuration on the X6.

Press Release

Superior handling, commanding traction and characteristic styling are key contributors to the stand-out position the BMW X5 and BMW X6 models enjoy among the premium all-wheel-drive vehicles of their segment. Spring 2011 sees the introduction of specific additions to the range of special options to ratchet up the appeal even further. Among other features, new 20-inch light-alloy wheel rims are available for both models, while the choice of BMW ConnectedDrive technology has been augmented by the innovative BMW Apps feature. Meanwhile, a three-seater rear seat option making its debut in April 2011 adds greater flexibility to the usage of the interior of the BMW X6 Sports Activity Coupé, which … CONTINUED

02/08/2011     8:50 PM

M-Power.com just released the first out of three articles about the technical details on the 1-series M Coupe. Here are the highlights at a glance:

“Newly designed piston rings are used in the engine. The two turbo chargers use turbines made from high tensile steel and will easily withstand temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Celsius.”

“The compact six-speed transmission with dry sump lubrication is a new development and has a weight of just 43 kg – much lighter than similar gearboxes.”

“Because the drive shaft is also a new part, every ing is specifically tailored to the requirements of the BMW Series 1 M Coupé in this combination, starting from the flange of the crank shaft.”

“The same also applies to the front-end, which is characterised by large … CONTINUED

02/08/2011     4:00 PM

E90POST member dzenno is yet another E90 owner to upgrade his turbos, but his build actually appears to be running successfully. He has posted a journal of his RB Turbo upgrade, experiences during install and on the road, pricing of parts and labour costs incurred. The thread will continue to be updated with dyno charts (Feb. 26th 2011 at Champion Motors) and various racing slips/vids as the year progresses. Check it out!

02/08/2011     12:07 PM

theage.com is reporting that BMW has confirmed the reveal of a small roadster concept at the Geneva autoshow next month, one which will preview an eventual production roadster which slots in under the Z4. Could it possibly be the long rumored BMW Z2, or just a description of the BMW Connected Drive Roadster Concept?

If so, could this possibly mean that there are two concept roadsters headed for a Geneva reveal? BMW insider SCOTT26 has stated that the BMW Connected Drive Roadster Concept will be unveiled at Geneva. However, that roadster is described as a “Preview Concept of a future two seater Roadster destined for the luxury market but equipped with BMW Connected drive technology,” hardly a description apt for an entry-level and possibly FWD roadster which … CONTINUED

02/08/2011     8:00 AM

It appears that the next generation 1-series (F20) will be the first BMW to feature integrated side view mirror lights. We first suspected this when the F20′s latest stage of camouflage was first spied. Here was the circumstantial evidence:

* BMW test mules often have the orange tape/stripe on its side view mirrors, as camouflage/decoy. However, this decoy tape has always been removed once the heavy camouflage on the car’s lights are removed. With the F20, the heavy camouflage on the test mules’ lights have already been removed, but the orange decoy tape remains to serve as camouflage.
* The orange mirror tape has perforations (see F20 photo below), which has never been seen on the mirror camouflage previously. … CONTINUED

02/08/2011     7:59 AM

BMWActivatethefuture.com’s second episode is now online. Dubbed “The Future Just Isn’t What It Used To Be,” takes a critical look at some of the industry’s earliest predictions for the evolution of planes and automobiles to understand why aviation has progressed much further than automobiles even though both are roughly the same age. The short documentary evaluates which predictions we got right, which can be improved, which should be changed and why we are unlikely to ever travel in a flying car despite our many attempts to build one.

02/08/2011     6:28 AM

The BMW Group started the new year well, with strong sales growth of 28%. A total of 105,177 BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brand automobiles were delivered to customers worldwide in January (prev. yr. 82,150).

Ian Robertson, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for Sales and Marketing:

02/07/2011     5:20 PM

Although the official details and images of the X1 M-sport package were recently announced, we bring you the first fully uncovered production X1 M-sport photos. Save for the unpainted front fender trim, this Lemans Blue X1 looks terrific in its M-sport aerodynamics package.

The X1 M-Sport Package includes:

* Sports Suspension
* 17-inch double-spoke M alloy wheels
* Optional 18-inch double-spoke M alloy wheels
* M aerodynamics package including M door sills and High Gloss Shadow line trim for the window surrounds and roof rails.
* New Colors: Alpine White, LeMans Blue, Black Sapphire Metallic, Space Gray, Vermillion Red, Mineral White
* Sports seats … CONTINUED

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