01/28/2011     1:45 PM

BMW continues winter testing of the F20 1-series 5-door hatchback. This is the first time we see a black model with less camouflage, showing its sculpted hood and showing premium wheels for the first time. The hood provides us an advance preview of the styling language we should expect to see on the next generation 1-Series and 3-Series.

From the first look, this is the most sculpted hood ever seen on a 1-Series (not hard with only 1 Generation), or even a 3-Series for that matter, and takes a tangential design direction from the F01 7-Series, F10 5-Series and even F25 X3 hood design. A new central column is now raised (whereas it is sunken by sharp lines on the F10), giving a very very sporty effect … CONTINUED

01/28/2011     10:30 AM

If you’re a fan of the new 6-series convertible, this 25+ min. of stock video footage should be a treat. The video features the 650i convertible on location in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa. The clip features driving scenes, exterior design, engine, and interior design segments.

01/27/2011     3:05 PM

The 1M coupe recently made its Asia market debut by being debuted to the media in Singapore. Only 20 of these cars will make it to the Singapore market and 7 have already been spoken for with deposits.

01/27/2011     1:40 PM

The 1M coupe has now been spotted in public in both the US and the UK. Seen here, parked on a London street among the regular traffic, is a valencia orange 1M. The photos of the car parked casually next to other cars show just how striking the car is in both style and color.

01/27/2011     10:08 AM

BMW, Audi, and Mercedes will each be advertising in this year’s Superbowl, making it the first time that all three German luxury brands are advertising at the biggest U.S. television event. BMW has purchased two 30-second spots in this year’s Superbowl, which will be played on February 6th. This represents the first time that BMW will be advertising during the Super Bowl in a decade. It comes as no coincidence then that Mercedes and Audi have also purchased commercial time for the most-watched American television broadcast (last year’s game was watched by approximately 106 million people, making it the most popular American TV program ever, according to TV audience rater Nielsen), according to Autonews.

01/26/2011     11:00 PM

BMW provides a unique look into its security vehicle driving program, held in what looks to be a cold war relic location deep inside Germany. On a former soviet military airport,drivers of BMW High Security Vehicles can develop their driving skills and push the cars to their limits.

Many special BMW security vehicle models are provided for various exercises, including training for fake accidents, road blocks, convoy attacks, and road explosions.

01/26/2011     4:15 PM

BMW recently unveiled first details on their new 2 litre inline-4 TwinPower Turbo petrol engine. In terms of this engine’s competitors, the first thing that comes to mind in terms of competition is Audi’s 2.0TFSI engine. They currently run two engine generations, the older EA113 as still found in the TT-S and the newer EA888 powering virtually all 2.0TFSI models. The latter also includes Valvelift which is roughly comparable to BMW’s Valvetronic.

Here are all figures you need to know to draw a comparison and figure where each engine might be able to trump, and where not. Some points I found remarkable when doing this comparison:

All three offer a maximum torque of 258 lb-ft, yet the BMW engine is able to spool up quicker (max. torque … CONTINUED

01/26/2011     2:42 PM

This image is said to be a close approximation on the looks of the upcoming BMW 1-series Gran Turismo (GT). The 1-series GT will be the next Gran Turismo model in the BMW lineup following the 5-series GT and preceding the next generation 3-series Gran Turismo model.

The 1 series GT is a mixture of a 5 door hatch and a touring shape. Rear legroom is almost on par with the 5-series sedan.

01/26/2011     1:20 PM

BMW is constantly forward looking in its design and product development. Towards that end, they have teamed up with students of automotive design and fashion at the European Institute of Design in Barcelona to come up with some ideas on what the future of urban transportation may bring. Check out some of the interesting (and zany) ideas.

01/26/2011     10:30 AM

Insideline comes in with their favorable first drive review of the 2012 650i convertible, which they felt had explosive straight-line acceleration with a surprising amount of feedback and an inherent balance which makes it feel alive and responsive to every movement of the wheel. The 650i’s agility was also very impressive. Read the rest of this positive review inside.

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