01/23/2011     11:37 AM

Car and Driver has posted its first drive review of the 2011 650i convertible, and the first hands-on drive review we have seen. We won’t spoil this first review for you, so check inside for C&D’s reaction to BMW’s all new top of the line convertible.

01/22/2011     5:30 PM

The Netherlands will be receiving an exclusive limited edition M3 – the “Frozen Gray M3 Coupe Track Edition” which will premiere at the AutoRAI from April 13 to 23.

This limited edition M3 features:
-frozen gray (matte) paint over black novillo leather w/ red stitching
-equipped w/ (zcp) competition package
-black 359m wheels
-black front grill
-bmw performance exhaust
-bmw performance splitters (carbon fiber)
-bmw performance spoiler (carbon fiber)
-bmw performance mirror caps (carbon fiber)
-brake calipers painted red

01/22/2011     1:30 PM

Beginning on Friday, January 21 and running until Thursday, February 10, BMW fans will have a chance to win a Grand Prize two-year lease on the 2011 X3. MW announced today that it will launch an interactive contest tied to one of its advertisements to run during the Super Bowl on February 6, 2011. The contest, dubbed

01/22/2011     10:30 AM

pair of Turkish designers, İsmet Çevik and Fatih Tezel, have come up with an imaginary BMW concept dubbed the Z5. From the looks of it, this is a mid-engined supercar intent on doing battle with the best of them.

This is not a real car, or anything that would be concievable given that BMW has already stated its own plans to shakeup the car world with the VisionED/i8 and other possible spin-offs.

Nevertheless, its a very cool design study that maintains alot of the distinct features and personality of BMW while giving an overall edgy and modern spin on the car as a whole.

What do you guys think?

01/22/2011     10:05 AM

China has really proved itself to be ahead of the curve on the EV front and it seems BMW will come on board and produce an all electric 5-Series exclusively for the Chinese market.

This new car is not to be confused with the ActiveHybrid 5, which will have its official launch in September 2011. The ActiveHybrid 5 still has a gasoline motor afterall. No this new car will be an all electric vehicle and would likely fall under BMWs growing ActiveE project.

Autonews Europe is referencing a report from the Beijing Youth Daily newspaper which pinpoints a partnership between BMW and Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd in order to produce the vehicle. Brilliance is BMWs current partner in building standard Chinese market BMW 5-Series, which includes … CONTINUED

01/21/2011     5:24 PM

WHAT CAR? Magazine has gotten some alone time with a stunning new 640i SE Cabriolet and brought along some readers to get their opinions on the new vehicle and at the same time offer some stunning visual shots of the car in HD video. Worth the watch!

01/21/2011     1:36 PM

We’ve confirmed the new turbo I4 is a single turbo twin-scroll setup, running at 17.4 PSI max, and tops out at 7000 RPM redline. See the full details of the Twinpower turbo 4-cylinder inside.

01/21/2011     11:58 AM

G-Power, builder of some monster BMWs, has announced its plans to spec up the already lethal M3 GTS over 600hp through the use of its G-POWER’s SK II CS supercharger system. They will be working with a total of three M3 GTS, quite impressive considering only 220 M3 GTS are available.

01/21/2011     10:00 AM

Two Chinese electronic tinkerers and coders teamed with Nokia Asia to turn a 1-series hatchback into their very own remote control car using a Nokia C7 smartphone. The team claims that it only took them 20 days to accomplish this feat. Check out this fun video inside.

01/21/2011     9:00 AM

Yesterday, BMW kicked off the international press event for the new 6-Series Cabrio (F12) in South Africa. These press days aren’t meant to introduce any new facts and figures (we’ve already extensively covered the car in all its gory detail here), but rather gives members of the press some hands on time with the car in order to go back home and write their first drive reviews. BMW did however release a set of new pictures that we thought should be shared.

Ive attached a gallery below (which you can download high resolution wallpaper quality images from as well), the most interesting of these cars to me is the dark blue 650i that is sitting outdoors next to the E63 6-Series. This car actually has a custom … CONTINUED

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