12/26/2010     1:05 PM

Previous rumors have speculated that the Vision Efficientdynamics production model would be named the i100 or M100, but the latest rumor from BMW insider Scott26 is that it will be called the i8 and there will unfortunately be no M version.

12/24/2010     6:30 PM

Roger Lighterness has comeup with a fantasty car through the magic of photoshop. An Alpina modified BMW 1-Series M Coupe. Merry Christmas!

12/24/2010     12:30 PM

Mercedes-Benz released the first details and pictures of the facelifted C-Class yesterday. As always, it’s a fun exercise to compare direct competitors, so let’s see how the new facelifted C class fares against the E90 LCI which was presented back in 2008.

12/23/2010     10:15 PM

Congrats to vikz as he just picked up his early Chrismas gift, the first reported US 2011 X3 delivered on the site! His initial impression is at the quality of the ride, which he feels is even better than the LCI E92 coupe. Photos inside.

12/23/2010     3:40 PM

Motortrend has posted its speculations on the 2012 F30 3 series, ruminating on the F30′s size, wheelbase, styling, suspension, and powertrain.

12/23/2010     1:30 PM

Here is the 2011 X3 M-sport package finally seen in real life, showing the sportier aero parts and wheels. The package also includes M-bits on the interior.

12/23/2010     12:00 PM

At the Detroit NAIAS in just over two weeks time, BMW will premiere the all new 6-series convertible, 1 series M coupe, and the updated/facelifted 1 series coupe and cabrio. See inside for our official info and media threads for each vehicle.

12/23/2010     10:00 AM

There will be no 1M convertible for this generation 1M, but a cabrio model was initially under consideration by BMW. 1addicts member Acerbus has rendered what the 1M cabrio would possibly have resembled. Quite a looker we must say.

12/22/2010     8:00 PM

Many of the F10 5-series’ functions described in its print manual are featured in videos at the F10′s owner’s manual page (linked below), providing a sometimes more intuitive and natural method of learning the features. The full owner’s manual is also available for download in PDF format the following link:

12/22/2010     3:50 PM

What Car? readers have awarded the BMW 1 Series Coupé the Best Car Overall accolade in the 2010 What Car? Reader Awards. It seems no one regrets buying a 1 Series Coupé. Not a single reader on whatcar.com gave the car less than four stars overall, and the vast majority dished out a full five-star verdict.

Almost every review raved about how brilliant the Coupé is to drive: ‘The last car I had fun driving was my old Mazda MX-5 – but the 1 Series Coupé is built for driving pleasure,’ said owner Jason Tang. ‘Throw it at a winding road and you’ll grin the entire way!’ said Kiran Naidu. ‘It puts a smile on my face every time I get behind the wheel’, said Stephen … CONTINUED

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