08/19/2010     12:30 PM

The cover of the latest auto moto, a french auto magazine, features their prediction of what the 2012 F30 3-series sedan may look like. This render seems to draw heavily on cues from the newest BMWs such as the F10 5-series, F07 5-series GT, F01 7-series, and even E89 Z4. Opinions?

08/19/2010     10:30 AM

BMW design chief Adrian Van Hooydonk speaks about the upcoming Megacity vehicle coming in 2013, BMW’s first volume production car to use carbon fiber in the structure and panels. He says that the car will be attractive but not controversial and will be priced at a premium to the Tata Nanos of the world.

08/18/2010     9:00 PM

CAR Magazine undertakes an examination of which BMW M3, all editions considered, is the greatest ever. The shortlist considered includes the E92 M3 GTS, E46 M3 CSL, or E30 M3 Sport Evo, each representing the highest performing and most focused editions of their generation. See verdict inside.

08/18/2010     3:50 PM

Here are the first clips we’ve seen of the BMW Performance Exhaust matched to a N55 motor and it sounds terrific! N55 BMWs come from the factory with a throatier exhaust than the N54 due to the absence of two mid cats. Paired with a Performance Exhaust, the N55′s growl is amplified beautifully.

08/18/2010     2:10 PM

BMW’s goal is to implement fuel efficiency improvements so that its entire lineup avoids the gas guzzler taxes (on cars failing to achieve 22.5mpg). This could happen as early as the launch of each current model’s next redesign. Currently, the M3, 550i, 650i, and 750i incur a gas guzzler tax.

08/18/2010     11:30 AM

BMW’s color offerings are fairly standard throughout its cars. But owners do have the option of choosing a BMW Individual color, which are always a joy to see. E90POST member tbensous has taken delivery of a Diopside Black Individual E90, the first we’ve seen of this color and we’re in love.

08/18/2010     10:00 AM

If you’ll be in the NY – Long Island area on Sunday, September 12th, be sure to check out Bimmerstock 2010. The entire downtown of the city of Glen Cove, Long Island will be shut down for the event. Should be a fun event!

08/17/2010     9:00 PM

Hartge has posted new photos of its X1 (E84) fitted with its quad exhaust system, wheels, and Hartge striping.

08/17/2010     5:00 PM

What’s flashier than a 555hp / 501tq SUV with flaring fenders and a snarling bumper? How about one that’s totally GOLD?! Check out this before and after video featuring this one of a kind gold X5M by some showy Russian owners. Not our taste, but bet you can’t help but stare.

08/17/2010     2:40 PM

The ever growing M Club of China celebrated its 1 year anniversary with a cruise and meet. The full day event started with a group cruise, then came the meet at a Shanghai park, followed by paintballing in the afternoon, and some partying at night. Lunch and dinner was sponsored by local BMW dealers.

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