08/18/2010     11:30 AM

BMW’s color offerings are fairly standard throughout its cars. But owners do have the option of choosing a BMW Individual color, which are always a joy to see. E90POST member tbensous has taken delivery of a Diopside Black Individual E90, the first we’ve seen of this color and we’re in love.

08/18/2010     10:00 AM

If you’ll be in the NY – Long Island area on Sunday, September 12th, be sure to check out Bimmerstock 2010. The entire downtown of the city of Glen Cove, Long Island will be shut down for the event. Should be a fun event!

08/17/2010     9:00 PM

Hartge has posted new photos of its X1 (E84) fitted with its quad exhaust system, wheels, and Hartge striping.

08/17/2010     5:00 PM

What’s flashier than a 555hp / 501tq SUV with flaring fenders and a snarling bumper? How about one that’s totally GOLD?! Check out this before and after video featuring this one of a kind gold X5M by some showy Russian owners. Not our taste, but bet you can’t help but stare.

08/17/2010     2:40 PM

The ever growing M Club of China celebrated its 1 year anniversary with a cruise and meet. The full day event started with a group cruise, then came the meet at a Shanghai park, followed by paintballing in the afternoon, and some partying at night. Lunch and dinner was sponsored by local BMW dealers.

08/17/2010     11:33 AM

The 2012 M6 (F12) has now been spotted with its production bumper for the first time. Spotted at the Nurburgring, this M6 prototype wears its M bumper, as well as showing its LED lights in action. We believe that the shape of the bumper camouflage may be intentionally deceiving and that the bumper fins will slant outwards just as seen on the M5 prototype.

Be sure to follow our complete 6-series Coverage and M6 Coverage

Attachment 419866

Attachment 419856

Attachment 419857

Attachment 419858

Attachment 419859


08/17/2010     7:00 AM

We have added over 30 new wallpapers of the M3 GTS to the Official M3 GTS Info Thread. Click on the thumbnails for full hi-res versions of each image.

08/16/2010     8:30 PM

Another N54 turbo upgrade is underway. The specific upgrade plan has not yet been determined, but upgraded turbine and compressor wheel, bearing and waste gate are being considered. We hope this project will be an exception and see a successful ending. Be sure to subscribe and follow the project.

08/16/2010     4:45 PM

Here are the best F10 vs. E60 5-series comparison photos we’ve seen yet. Despite being visually larger, based on actual dimensions, the F10 is actually very slightly larger, being only 2 inches longer, .5 inches wider, .2 inches lower in height, with a wheelbase that’s 3.2 inches longer.

08/16/2010     2:00 PM

The E90 sedan has turned 5 yrs old and members have already reported hitting 100,000 miles (some as early as last year). Impressively, these original owners have mostly reported no unexpected major issues and have indefinite ownership plans. Have you turned 100k miles on your E90 or E92? Chime in.

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