05/03/2010     9:30 AM

Until now, weve only had one small little glimpse of the BMW 6 series interior with a short statement from BMW insider Scott that in essence alluded to the interior being a mix of the Z4 with the F10 5-series. Taking the best from both world would really create the ultimate interior environment. With these new photos we see a little bit more of the center console and it does look like the interior really will be a mixing of the two, from these pictures you can already see that this will be a very high end and elegantly appointed center console.

The F12 6-Series has been promised to be the most beautiful car BMW has put in years, and looking … CONTINUED

05/03/2010     4:27 AM

We don’t usually report on smaller cosmetic modifications such as this, but one of the most often asked question on our forums is what solution there is for mounting a front plate without drilling your bumper. Solutions have usually been too expensive, unsightly, or impractical.. until now. Check out this great $9 dollar solution from Autozone!

05/01/2010     5:54 PM

To date, weve only seen two test mules so far. The earliest one was the sedona red with chopped fenders to accomidate a wider track and wider wheel/tire combinations. From the exterior, the car was simply a standard 135i with the aformentioned chopped fenders. The second car to arrive on the scene is the now famous black M1/1M we have seen on the nurburgring which appears to have the final body work (under heavy masking of course).

Its time of course to throw a third car into the pile BMW have thrown this new test car onto the ring that appears to sport identical bodywork as the black car (what we assume is the … CONTINUED

05/01/2010     5:00 PM

When the LCI 3-series coupe was released, so was a deluge of wallpapers, photos and videos related to the car. Oddly enough only a handful of pictures of the car with the factory M-Sport kit were released. Luckily now, we’ve gotten a few more added to our official thread, so if this car is up your ally, you might want to visit the thread and download a wallpaper!

05/01/2010     1:30 PM

Nothing will stop resident photoshop guru Gerard Alvarez. Hes now used real photos of the BMW Gran Coupe concept to base what a true two door coupe based on this design would look like. The result is expectedly crisp clean and professional. Here is your 6-series coupe ladies and gentlemen.

05/01/2010     10:00 AM

Well it has been a LONG hiatus for BMW from the DTM series, in fact they havent raced since 1992. Many of us remember the fun times watching the hectic DTM series and BMWs have been very competitive in the series in the past. Luckily, in the wake of BMWs pull out from F1 whispers were flying around that BMW would turn its attention to the DTM series and now it seems to have come true.

What are BMWs plans? Well they are working with the governing ITR body to make sure their car is not only ready to go for the 2012 season but is a competitive car at that time.

For now, BMW stays commited … CONTINUED

04/30/2010     7:30 PM

The sDrive35is Z4 is a rocket and stunning car straight from the factory, but German tuner Dahler has managed to enhance its look and performance with a full compliment of Hartge parts, including Hartge ECU remap, lowering springs, quad exhausts, and 20″ Classic 2 wheels, and Adaptive M suspension re-tune.

04/30/2010     4:52 PM

Just a quick late Friday update. Here are some new wallpapers of the stunning Z4 sDrive35is in Alpine White. The color fits the character of this car very well and shows off the unique details of the ‘is’ bodywork

04/30/2010     1:00 PM

M3POST members love their M3s because of their overall dynamic handling and feel, but power is of course also near or at the top of the list. That’s why some have gone the forced induction and added superchargers. Mikewads has gone even madder and added a 100 shot nitrous to his M3 with ESS supercharger (at 5.5 PSI)!! The result is a phenomenal 560whp / 404 wt M3.

04/30/2010     10:00 AM

Back in September, while the Speedhunters team was at Road Atlanta covering the Petit Le Mans, we heard whispers of a place that is filled with old BMWs. Hearing of such things sparked our interests, so we investigated and found that there was a BMW graveyard not too far from the track of Road Atlanta itself! There was no debating, we had to go and check it out.

As enthusiasts, we personify cars as much as we can. Some of us give our cars names. A great many of us lust after cars like we would lust after a beautiful woman. We some all somehow make an emotional connection to these lumps of steel, aluminum, plastic and rubber as we would a best friend … CONTINUED

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