03/21/2010     7:30 PM

The first photos of F10 5-series official BMW accessories have now been released. These are of course not the only accessories that will be available for the F10 5-series sedan, and more will be revealed in due course. Seen here are blackout grill, clear tailights, car cover, rear CF spoiler, and chrome mirrors. Source: BMW.de

03/21/2010     1:00 PM

The BMWNA ordering guide for the F10 2011 535i and 550i sedans are now available for reference! Courtesy of 5POST member pharding, the ordering guide lists all standard and available options, packages, and wheels. Absolute necessity for anyone planning on ordering an F10. Check it out inside.

03/20/2010     11:54 PM

M3post member (and GT racecar driver) Kingleh (Leh Keen, picture on the right) won the GT Challenge class at the Sebring 12 Hour race today! Driving an Alex Job Racing Porsche together with his co-drivers Butch Leitzinger and Juan Gonzalez, Leh won by three laps over the sister car of Bill Sweedler, Romeo Kapudija and Jan-Dirk Lueders. Congrats to Leh!!

03/20/2010     11:49 PM

BMW Rahal Letterman’s two GT2 class cars (#90 and #92) finished 2nd and 3rd at today’s Sebring 12 Hours ALMS race! BMW cars lead for large portions of the 12 hour race, but the 1st place finish ultimately went to Risi Competizione in their Ferrari F430 GT. Congrats to BMW Rahal Letterman for a great start to the season! See inside for details and post-race reactions from the drivers.

03/20/2010     9:30 PM

Many sites are making broad proclamations of the M1′s life or death based on assumptions and statements from BMW contacts. Here, moderator southlight takes a closer look and breaks down the factors which backup both the believers and non-believers of the M1.

03/20/2010     6:17 PM

C&D stacks the BMW 328i convertible up against its 4-seat convertible rivals – the Audi A5, Infiniti G37, and the Lexus IS350C. Despite having the least power of the bunch, the 328i still manages to come out on top, a testament to the car’s BMW driving dynamic and overall feel.

03/20/2010     4:18 AM

With word that the BMW M5 will come in an F11 touring flavor as well, Artist and BMW fan Jon Sibal has come up with an amazing photoshop of what the F11 M5 may look like. He has in the past conceptualized an F10 M5 Sedan, take a look below!

Source: http://jonsibal.com/blog/2010/03/bmw-f11-m5-touring/

Attachment 360821

Attachment 360824

Attachment 360823

03/19/2010     8:00 PM

On Tues. March 16th, Bimmerpost was represented by member vgame64 in interviewing the manager of BMW Performance: Eric Riehle. Beyond the interview, vgame64 also tested out a BMW Performance 335i. Check out the videos of the first parts of the Q&A session inside.

03/19/2010     1:30 PM

Edmunds recently took the sDrive35is out for a spin and give us their impressions:


The 2010 BMW Z4 sDrive35is wants to take its place next to the Audi TT-RS, Mercedes-Benz SLK and Porsche Boxster S/Cayman S, and it has some visual snap to show it.


Performance certainly isnt a problem. The 2011 BMW Z4 sDrive35iss engine is easily the most effective inline-6 with a BMW badge right now


03/18/2010     1:00 PM

French publication Automobile Magazine has just published these new renderings on what a possible next generation F30 3-Series could look like. While my first gut instinct when looking at these was that they took the concept 5-Series GT Clay Models very sleek front end design and applied it to the future 3-Series I have to say the result does work. The details are still a bit to concept-ish and aggressive for a production 3-series, but the general underlying theme does flow quite nice and could be a success if something like this was taken to production by BMW. But you be the judge!

Attachment 360219

Attachment 360220

Source: http://www.automobile-magazine.fr/ac…erie_3_2012__1… CONTINUED

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