03/15/2010     3:00 PM

The BMW Rahal Letterman Racing Team will field two BMW M3s at the 58th annual 12 Hours of Sebring ALMS race on March 20th. The drivers of the M3s are ecstatic for the team’s second year of racing, as seen in this video interview with the 4 drivers – Joey Hand, Dirk M

03/15/2010     10:00 AM

As many of us know already, the next generation 1-series (internal chassis codename F20) has been testing for some time now and has been in the wintery European north for cold climate testing. While its no secret that the next generation 1-series would likely get a 135i variant this is the first time that we are seeing a dual exhaust on the car on separate sides similar to other cars in the BMW range such as the 335i and 535i. This may simply be a move to bring the 135i exhaust setup closer inline with those cars or may in fact represent a hotter car such as a 135is model. Compare with previously seen spyphotos which clearly had the dual exhaust … CONTINUED

03/14/2010     9:13 PM

BMW tuner RDSport has always been good about coming up with conceptuals on new tuning packages on BMWs and putting them into play via photoshop. Many times, they get their work out before the car has even hit the streets in an official capacity, as in this case. Although details are still thin on this car, I love the proposed bodywork and the wheels suit the new bodykit well. Heres to hoping we see the real deal soon enough!

03/13/2010     6:31 AM

12 hours after german site bild.de leaked out a few photos, BMW has officially released the full slew of technical data, photos, wallpapers and videos revolving around the F11 BMW 5 Series Touring. These have been collected up in our official thread dedicated to the 5 series touring / estate. The car will make its official world debut in April, but until then enjoy the online media surrounding the latest BMW release.

03/12/2010     8:18 PM

The F10 Alpina B5 has been undergoing testing near Alpina’s headquarters. The F10 B5 is expected to be based on the F10 550i, with a reworked 4.4L N63 motor (V8 twin turbo). The new B5 features the current signature front bumper lip, sideskirts, wheels, quad exhaust, and raised trunk lid. An impression of the final B5 is below.

03/12/2010     6:30 PM

This is the mother of all reports on BMW’s Performance Center Delivery experience, by M3post member ase2dais. Although it was from nearly 2 years ago, after reading this thread, if you don’t feel like ordering a new BMW right now just to experience PCD delivery, you probably have no soul (j/k)!

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03/12/2010     2:30 PM

AC Schnitzer has debuted the ACS X6M at the AutomodEx Tuner Show in Dubai. Currently, they are only showcasing the cosmetic aero kit, but have plans for engine tuning as well. The centerpiece of the aero parts is the hood, which contains a see through window allowing a view of the engine (as seen on other cars such as Corvette ZR1, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis). Other parts include full bumper and fender replacements, sideskirts, 22″ wheels, rear diffuser, and rear wing.

03/12/2010     10:00 AM

This matte black Hamann styled E92 coupe was spotted in Geneva Switzerland. It seems to combine elements of a regular E92 coupe and an M3. There’s an M3 hood bulge and high performance rotors, but the rest of it appears to be a regular 3-series – mirrors, fenders, etc. Ok fine, it’s a regular 3-series, but we figured it’s cool enough a car to show and feature anyway ;)

03/11/2010     8:32 PM

Top Gear online has great things to say about the F10 535i after their test drive. Calling it a “serious return to form”, with an excellent ride, smart details and lovely quality throughout. Check out their review.

03/11/2010     2:30 PM

BMW inside Scott26 provides some updates on BMW M1 development (full info inside), including introduction & production timeline, pricing, convertible version, and more. Whether the information is accurate is for you to decide, but it’s certainly somewhat assuring to continue hearing M1 details.

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