03/08/2010     7:35 PM

In Jan. we reported on Pencilgeek’s (of M3post) quest to hit 200mph in his supercharged E92 M3 at the Mojave Mile. The run was made this past weekend and while he did not hit 200mph, he was able to achieve 181.8 mph on stock wheels/tires! See inside for videos and a review of the entire experience.

03/08/2010     7:12 PM

We recently reported that a leasing program for the ActiveE electric car (based on the 1-series) will soon be launched worldwide, with 200 units available in the US. BMW has clarified and now says that while no exact # has been determined, there will be at least 450 ActiveEs coming to the US.

Press release:

BMW Group Commitment to Electric Vehicle Development Unwavering

Woodcliff Lake, NJ – March 8, 2010… Recent published reports have incorrectly stated that the size of the fleet of BMW ActiveEs that will be deployed during the BMW Group’s second-phase field trial in the US will be limited to 200 vehicles. While the exact size of the fleet has … CONTINUED

03/08/2010     1:55 PM

Here are some more photos of the recently spied F10 M5 test mule. The striptease has recently accelerated with the uncovering of the front fascia from its previous camouflage mask.

03/07/2010     10:41 PM

Yahoo Autos has chosen the BMW 3-series as one of the past decade’s most noteworthy vehicles – cars which have each played an indisputable part in the evolution of the automotive landscape. The 3-series is called the best entry-level luxury sedan money can buy.

03/07/2010     2:19 PM

After a two decade hiatus, Alpina returned to motorsports last year with the Alpina B6 GT. Here are some behind the scenes look at the Alpina B6 GT during its first racing season. Based on BMWs 6-Series coupe, the B6 weighs under 3,000 pounds and gets a supercharged 4.4-liter V8 that gives more than 520 horsepower and 535 pound-feet of torque.

Although non-German speaking folks may not be able to understand the conversation, sometimes race cars like the B6 GT are best observed by simply watching and listening to the action.

Backed by a six-speed X-Trac sequential gearbox, the car is reportedly capable of hitting 62 miles-per-hour in 3.9 seconds en route to a top whack of at least 177 … CONTINUED

03/06/2010     5:50 PM

The X6M seems to be the current vehicle of tuning choice for several notable tuners. At the 2010 Geneva show, Lumma has debuted their CLR X 650 M, a visually and mechanically upgraded version of the X6M. The cosmetic upgrades are obvious, but underneath the hood, the power has been bumped to 650ps.

03/06/2010     2:24 AM

So, what cool tricks can a BMW superbike that jets from 0-62mph in 2.9 seconds accomplish? Besides making the hair on the back of your neck standup, how about the good ole tablecloth trick, but with 24 place settings. Check out the video inside!

03/05/2010     7:27 PM

The focus of the BMW display at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show was definitely the F10 5-series, 4 of which were featured front and center. Here is a collection of all our F10 5-series photos from the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, including the ActiveHybrid concept, a white F10, and a space gray F10.

03/05/2010     11:00 AM

BMW has released these wallpapers of the gorgeously vicious looking E89 Z4 GT3. Private racing teams will be able to purchase the Z4 GT3 starting in the second half of this year, with an estimated price of approximately 298,000 Euro / 405,000 USD.

03/04/2010     10:30 PM

Insideline reports that there is no BMW M1 coming. This comes after the nonappearance of the M1 concept at the 2010 Geneva Motorshow, at which it was expected. Instead there will be a hopped up 135is version of the 1-series. But, BMW insider Scott26 maintains that the M1 is coming. Who really knows? Nobody but Rumplestiltskin!

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