01/07/2010     7:00 AM

This eye catching Lumma CLR X650 was recently spotted in Paris traveling with a caravan of exotics, including a white AMG Black Series and Bugatti Veyron. From Autogespot

You can see a flat black version of the X650 here and white version here.

Attachment 339577

Attachment 339578

Attachment 339579

Attachment 339580

Attachment 339581

01/06/2010     11:42 AM

Autocar reports that the BMW M1 has been green lighted! Sales will begin mid-2011 and it will be powered by a turbocharged straight six motor estimated to produce around 350hp.

01/06/2010     7:00 AM

Here is the first tuner modified X1 we have seen and we’re impressed by look of the body color matched lower body panels, lowered suspension, and 20″ wheels.

01/05/2010     8:01 PM

To sum up there were as expected year on year declines in sales because of overall low volumes in 2009, but December itself continues on a trend of a sales recovery. We hope this trend continues in 2010! We know BMW has the best products out there right now..

Here is the official press release below


BMW brand sales up 11.5 percent; MINI sales decreased 2.2 percent; MINI achieved second best year ever since launch in the US in 2002

Woodcliff Lake, NJ

01/05/2010     2:45 PM

These are the best photos and video of a black F10 2011 5-series yet. These final prototype F10s are being driven by BMW employees as part of the final testing and evaluation process.

01/05/2010     8:00 AM

Jeremy Clarkson has long been accused of being anti BMW. A reputation he certainly earned. But as of late, he has changed his tune and has been actually praising most recent BMWs. Unfortunatly, it seems in this episode, Clarkson isnt very fond of the X6. Regardless, in typical Top Gear style, his review is very entertaining and he mixes his opinion with great visuals and entertainment all the way through. The sub plot of the entire review is hilarious!

01/04/2010     9:00 PM

New info about the soon to be announced E92 / E93 LCI facelift models has come to light, including a performance iS version w/ DCT transmission option.

01/04/2010     7:15 PM

It seems unreal to us that the F30 is out on the roads testing already, but here it is again! A quick eyed reader of AutoWeek.nl snapped up two photos of the car on the highway while in Germany! Not much new is seen with the car when compared to the earlier spypics.

What is known just from the shape so far is that the car will retain the basic proportions of the E90 however with shorter front and rear overhangs, which combined with the more bulbous wheel arches should give this car a very sveltte and modern appeal.

Stay tuned for more in the coming months!

Attachment … CONTINUED

01/04/2010     5:10 PM

Alrighty folks, the crew over at BimmerFile have strong evidence that the 2011 1er will offer a 7 speed Dual Clutch Transmission as an option. They are sure that a 6 speed manual transmission will remain. Many have speculated that a DCT would only be offered in the upcoming performance variant of the 1 series. It would feature the same transmission from the current Z4 and a few European-market BMW products. Strong birdies have pointed at the builds starting in March.

Source: Bimmerfile

01/04/2010     1:50 PM

Here is a photoshoot with telling photos of the BMW X1 stacked up against the size of the Audi A4 Allroad.

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