11/23/2009     3:02 PM

Here’s a look into the design process and the technology of the all new F10 5-series.

11/23/2009     1:37 PM

Just moments before its official public live web reveal, here are some photos of the all new F10 5-series fully uncovered!!

11/23/2009     12:23 AM

The new 2010 5-series (F10) will be unveiled live on the web today, November 23rd @ 8PM CET! We will have live coverage throughout the day.

11/21/2009     11:10 PM

HERE THEY ARE! The first official teaser pics of the 2010 F10 5-series!! The front end that we see so far is an absolute beauty. The “official” reveal for this car is on the 23rd. But since these pictures have now been leaked, we would expect that a larger set of photos will surface during the day Sunday with the high quality wallpapers and videos to arrive on Monday. Enjoy the ride!

11/21/2009     11:53 AM

Heres a E92 M3 wearing a custom "Ring Police" vinyl wrap suit. We’re not sure what "Ring Police" is, but matte black parts of the M3 sure look great!

From Carscoop


11/20/2009     5:53 PM

EAS has put together this beautiful F01 7-series Msport with Msport bumper, matte black OEM rear diffuser, matte black side and kidney grills and more. Check it out inside.

11/20/2009     9:34 AM

For those of you interested in the RD Sport M3 or looking for a review of the RS46 by a car magazine, well here it is…

RD Sport RS46 BMW M3 – Feature

Wiener Schnitzel Alfredo

By Les Bidrawn

Photography by Les Bidrawn

Though hugely functional, German automotive design can sometimes lean toward the antiseptic. Fortunately, Germanys close proximity to Italy has offered access to the best stylemeisters in the world. Names like Giugiaro, Bertone and Micholotti have lent their skilled hands to their northern neighbors with impressive results.

For the last 20 years the Milan-based team of RD Sport has devoted its talents toward the machines from Munich. Twenty years … CONTINUED

11/19/2009     5:40 PM

The hybrid X6 model will be available beginning Dec. 5, 2009 with a base MSRP of $89,725. Full pricing inside.

11/19/2009     10:58 AM

Winding Road Magazine pits two of the top German born roadsters – the BMW zDrive35i and the Porsche Boxster S against each other.

11/18/2009     9:41 PM

Heres the first live action footage of AC Schnitzers E89 Z4, in some nice drifting action on the track being stacked against some other nice tuner cars.

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