10/16/2009     9:30 AM

A longtime BMW insider calls this new BMW 6-series convertible rendition the closest one he has seen, minus just a few detail differences.

10/16/2009     8:00 AM

So what does Edmunds think? Only that “the compact crossover segment now has a premium leader to follow” !

10/15/2009     4:30 PM

Flat look colors are in now. So an M3post member is fully in by deciding to repaint his car flat white. Follow his build inside.

10/15/2009     11:55 AM

The LCI E90 sedan has been out for a while now, but this review by an E90post member is the best owner writeup we’ve read!

10/15/2009     8:56 AM

Want to see an SUV perform like you’ve never seen? Check out this Edmunds X5M performance test video!

10/14/2009     9:30 AM

With the E46 M3 CSL, people have been given a look into what BMW could do when it turned its direction towards lightweight and efficiency over the base M3.

With the introduction of the E92, many of you may remember all the buzz and talk about a possible E92M3 CSL. Remember the red test car?

BMW a year later shot down those rumors of a CSL and ruled the car out. However, today MotorAuthority has put up these new pictures of a seemingly striped down M3 wearing some racing gear around the ring. As they point out, BMW has suggested that they would put a street version of the GT4 into … CONTINUED

10/14/2009     7:49 AM

This color looks like a more deep gold color then Cashmere, but regardless you get the idea. I really hope BMW doesnt decide to launch the car in this color, Ive always hated it This car was spotted by the guys over at carenthusiast.com near Kitzbuhel in Austria. In terms of appearance, the car seems to be wearing almost the same exact amount of camoflague as the other tester cars, the difference being the underlying paint color. Enjoy!

Make sure to visit carenthusiast.com for the complete set of pictures and article: http://www.carenthusiast.com/news/ar…spy+shots.html

Attachment 315007

Attachment 315008

Attachment 315009

10/13/2009     10:15 PM

New F10 5-series photos from some hard track testing. These photos give some great new perspectives of the F10 5-series due to their top-down angle:

10/13/2009     11:09 AM

Spotted here is what could be the long rumored 1-series supersport, a lightweight 1er with specific options aimed at the enthusiast not offered via BMW Performance catalog.

10/13/2009     10:51 AM

This car is the first of its type for BMW. The versatility of an SUV combined with the elegance of a sedan. So as AC Schnitzer claim, it was a natural car for them to do their work on. That or the fact that ACS (or any tuner for that matter) has the potential to hit a homerun with the GT. It is a car that after all has the potential to look great with just a few touchups, the first and formost are a bigger set of wheels to fill out those large wheel arches and give balance to the very large trunk. And so now ACS has released its set of wheels for the GT which are being offered … CONTINUED

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