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03/28/2010    1:00 PM

Remember these spyshots? Looks like the photos were of a FWD hydrogen hybrid 1-series test car afterall, according to autoblog.nl. The 1-series hydrogen hybrid concept is powered by a 120hp 4 cylinder gas engine, hydrogen fuel, cell, electric motor, FWD and RWD!. The car operates on FWD on longer trips and RWD on shorter trips (RWD powered by electric motor). The fuel cell converts hydrogen and oxygen into electricity, which recharges the batteries. The energy generated from braking will also be converted to electricity and stored for use.

The hydrogen fuel cell and electric motor will power the hydrogen 1-series in local city driving and the 4-cylinder gas engine will provide assistance for … CONTINUED

03/27/2010    4:00 PM

Ahead of its expected debut in just a few short months, the 2011 X3 test mules appear to have increased their testing on public roads. All the better for us as we now have even more photos of the soon to be slightly upmarketed X3. This particular one comes in a reddish tone.

03/26/2010    10:00 AM

BMW continues its BMW X3 tease while conducting final testing stages on the 2011 BMW X3, which will likely receive its world debut at the 2010 Paris motorshow this fall. Bigger more comfortable than the first gen X3 it’s replacing, the 2011 X3 will move slightly upmarket while the X1 slots in under it.

03/15/2010    10:00 AM

As many of us know already, the next generation 1-series (internal chassis codename F20) has been testing for some time now and has been in the wintery European north for cold climate testing. While its no secret that the next generation 1-series would likely get a 135i variant this is the first time that we are seeing a dual exhaust on the car on separate sides similar to other cars in the BMW range such as the 335i and 535i. This may simply be a move to bring the 135i exhaust setup closer inline with those cars or may in fact represent a hotter car such as a 135is model. Compare with previously seen spyphotos which clearly had the dual exhaust … CONTINUED

03/12/2010    8:18 PM

The F10 Alpina B5 has been undergoing testing near Alpina’s headquarters. The F10 B5 is expected to be based on the F10 550i, with a reworked 4.4L N63 motor (V8 twin turbo). The new B5 features the current signature front bumper lip, sideskirts, wheels, quad exhaust, and raised trunk lid. An impression of the final B5 is below.

03/09/2010    4:00 AM

Here is the first reported 335is spotted in public, near BMWNA HQ in Woodcliff Lake, NJ. The member who spotted this car described the exhaust as sounding great and the car looking better in person than any photos.

03/08/2010    1:55 PM

Here are some more photos of the recently spied F10 M5 test mule. The striptease has recently accelerated with the uncovering of the front fascia from its previous camouflage mask.

03/04/2010    12:03 PM

The F10 M5 seen currently in winter testing has shed some of its front end camouflage to reveal more of the M5 than recently seen. If you look closely, you can make out the lower front fascia design behind the remaining black tape, which appears to cover the entire front bumper. Other external parts may yet remain preproduction version — the final hood will likely see a power bulge (a signature ///M feature), the fenders may yet be widened, the mirrors become sleeker, and the wheels will certainly be larger and a sportier design.

See these PREVIOUS PHOTOS for what the final front bumper and wheel design will likely be.

Attachment … CONTINUED

03/03/2010    10:00 PM

The long-wheelbase-version of the F10 5-series has just been spotted in Sweden. Approximately 12 inches longer than the standard F10 5-series sedan, the LWB 5-series will approach 7-series length. It will be produced in China only for the Chinese (and possibly also Middle East) market.

The extra length is in the rear doors, which lends itself to a roomier passenger compartment. The LWB F10 5-series is expected to bow at the 2010 Beijing Motor Show.

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