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01/04/2010    7:15 PM

It seems unreal to us that the F30 is out on the roads testing already, but here it is again! A quick eyed reader of AutoWeek.nl snapped up two photos of the car on the highway while in Germany! Not much new is seen with the car when compared to the earlier spypics.

What is known just from the shape so far is that the car will retain the basic proportions of the E90 however with shorter front and rear overhangs, which combined with the more bulbous wheel arches should give this car a very sveltte and modern appeal.

Stay tuned for more in the coming months!

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01/02/2010    11:00 AM

This titanium F10 5-series was spotted on the highway to Munich. Its one of the final production prototypes given to BMW employees for testing and subjected to every day use and every aspect is logged and submitted to the project team.

road to Munich(Germany 12/4/2009)

01/02/2010    7:00 AM

The ActiveHybrid 7 was just spotted in an attractive blue color with black wheels. Reports are that the very first Activehybrid 7-series cars will be delivered to celebrities, ahead of deliveries to public customers in the Spring. We could possibly be looking at one of these first cars to be delivered.

Pics courtesy of Christian Wimmer.

Attachment 338221

Attachment 338222

Attachment 338223

12/29/2009    12:30 PM

2011 5-series sightings continue throughout Germany as this Sophisto Gray F10 was just spotted in Dingolfing. Spottings will no doubt continue until the F10 5-series official public debut at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show next March. Pics courtesy of bimmertoday

Attachment 337548

Attachment 337549

12/27/2009    5:34 PM

Sightings of the 2011 F10 5-series continue on public roads as this black F10 was spotted just recently in Munich, looking great among regular traffic and contrasted against other cars.

12/23/2009    7:00 PM

This F30 bodyline tracing and comparison images (based on recent spyshot) show us what the F30 3-series may look like and how it compares to the E90 & E46.

12/23/2009    1:45 AM

Not much camoflage remains on the F11 5-series touring/wagon, which gives us these clear peeks at how great titanium silver looks on the F11. The world debut of the F11 touring is expected to occur at the 2010 Paris Auto Show.

12/15/2009    8:15 AM

The upcoming 3-series replacement (chassis code: F30) is likely to debut in 2011 as a 2012 model. Now that the winter months are upon Europe, the car is undergoing winter testing, and has been spied on video at a local gas station.

Not much is known about the car as of yet, as the car is under heavy body cladding covered with BMWs classic psychedelic camouflage. Current thinking is that the forthcoming 3-series will continue to use styling cues from the BMW CS concept car. Many of those same styling cues have so far been translated to the latest iteration of the BMW Z4, 7-Series and 5-Series.

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12/14/2009    12:22 PM

Ever since the F10 was officially unveiled to the world, the F11 has had most of its camo removed, for good reason. The shape and look of the car is known at this point. What is left is for BMW to put the finishing touches to the car and finish up testing in time for the official world premier of this car, later in the year in Paris.

The look of the touring/wagon (f11) compliments the sedan version nicely and goes for the ultra modern and sleek look. The rear end flows with the front nicely, and tapers in a smooth shape which will look more Dodge Magnum then Volvo wagon when all is said and done. This is a good thing! However, we don’t expect … CONTINUED