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11/11/2009    1:20 PM

This is an alleged leaked image of the upcoming F10 5-series. Real or digital render? Take a look inside and tell us what you think.

11/10/2009    4:31 PM

The next generation F30 3-series was just spotted in live testing for the first time, on the streets of Munich. The previous set of photos featured the car on a flatbed truck.

Attachment 324589

Attachment 324590

Attachment 324591

Attachment 324592

Attachment 324593

Attachment 324594

11/05/2009    7:00 AM

Here comes the new BMW 5 Series. This has got to be the most hotly anticipated new BMW in recent memory. While the current E60 5 Series was a bit of a polarizing car, the BMW top brass has promised this car to be the most beautiful BMW is recent history. What does that mean exactly? The car will likely appeal to all the senses and not carry any distracting or ostentatious design cues that some recent BMWs have had in order to get attention.

The svelte design will be mated to BMWs current generation of engines including the increasing proliferation of turbo technology. The interior has been seen as closely mirroring what is on the … CONTINUED

11/04/2009    8:50 PM

Latest details on the 2011 F10 M5, including debut date, V8 turbo engine, transmission, suspension, aerodynamics, and appearance.

11/04/2009    7:29 AM

Here’s the world’s first look at the 2012 BMW 3-series (F30 / F35)! We didn’t expect test mules this early, but let the strip tease begin!

11/03/2009    1:06 PM

Most revealing spy photos of the F10 5-series yet, including closeups of the exact shape of the headlights.

11/02/2009    7:51 AM

These new photos posted up by CarAdvice down under give us the clearest picture of what the final shape and body of the F10 will look like. The headlights continue to be masked up but if you stare at these pictures long enough you can mentally unmask that part yourself to see what it will look like in final form. The official internet reveal is upon us….

10/28/2009    8:10 PM

This new M-Sport kit which is said to include a full cosmetics kit as well as a mild power upgrade and subtle massaging of the suspension as well has been spied road testing once again. The car was previously caught at the ring undergoing more serious track testing and now that the car is doing road testing, the kit is likely very close to production. In fact, the package is likely complete and ready for sale and is likely awaiting the marketing nod to go to market!

Looks great, go BMW!

Attachment 319911

Attachment 319912

Attachment 319913

Attachment 319914… CONTINUED

10/28/2009    4:50 PM

Here are some more photos of that blue E93 facelift M-Sport. Now with the top down. This car should make its official debut soon enough!

Attachment 319668

Attachment 319669

Attachment 319670

Attachment 319671

Attachment 319672

You can see the previous set of top up photos here: http://www.e90post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=315348

Source of these photos is: http://www.spyshots.nl/SpyShots/Het_…erie_Cabriolet