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07/01/2010    11:15 AM

As many of you know, and has Alpina has teased last week, the new B5 is to debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this week (July 1-4), and here are the first photos of the car from the ground! We hope to see more pictures of the car in its full wallpaper glory, but for now enjoy

Technical Specs known so far:



700Nm torque

0-62mph: 4.7 secs

Top speed: 191mph

8 speed switchtronic

Source: Neil Whitehead via E38_E30 on GCF


03/29/2010    3:30 PM

The 2011 Alpina B5 (F10) has previously been spotted undergoing testing around Alpinas headquarters, and it continues to undergo testing as shown in these new photos. Whats interesting about these new photos is the new set of front wheels, which is possibly a new Alpina wheel design? Alpina has traditionally stuck to a narrow range of its traditional wheel designs for its cars and this is no Alpina design weve seen before. The previous B5 test cars spotted featured all wore the Alpina Dynamic wheels. Or, perhaps were simply looking at a random set of test wheels (such as what the rear wheels appear to be).

As seen elsewhere in the photos, the B5 will feature an Alpina front … CONTINUED