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02/11/2014    2:25 PM

First photos of Austin Yellow F80 M3 sedan in the wild.

02/10/2014    3:40 PM

Even more impressions and photos of the black F80 M3 and Austin Yellow F82 M4 at the 2014 Philadelphia Auto Show.

02/10/2014    12:15 PM

Technical specs and diagrams for the BMW 4 Series, M3 and M4 LED headlights.

02/10/2014    8:30 AM

Photos and an impression of the 2015 BMW M4 and M3 from the Philadelphia Auto Show.

02/09/2014    11:30 AM

Few shots taken from our friends at Unscene Media of the new F80 M3 and the F82 M4!

02/07/2014    12:40 PM

We bring you the latest and greatest look at the BMW M4 Convertible (F83), which is seen here in Matte Frozen Black and with minimal camouflage.

Mechanically, the M4 Convertible will share with the M4 Coupe and M3 Sedan. Stylistically, it shares much of the M4 Coupe’s design, but is differentiated by its folding hardtop roof (without double-bubble), lack of B pillar and different trunk lid shape. The trunk lid styling looks to be something halfway between the high curvy CSL-style ‘duckbill’ trunk of the M4 Coupe and the flat trunk design of the M3 Sedan.

The M4 Convertible should see its introduction sometime late this year.

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02/06/2014    8:45 AM

From the BMW Driving Experience facebook page: “Hello BMW M4! The new star of the BMW Driving Experience takes up its duty.”

The M4 Coupe arrives for duty at the BMW Snow and Ice Training school in Sölden, Austria.

02/05/2014    11:30 AM

The 2015 BMW M4 and M3 are now also hitting dealers for special events and showings, just as these two did at a dealer in Luxembourg.

02/04/2014    2:30 PM

I was at the BMWCCA hosted M School in South Carolina this weekend and while I will post a review of the school later (short story: it was awesome!), I got a surprise when I was wandering the grounds during lunch hour when I saw a F80 M3 parked by the school’s cars. The guy driving it was very cool and let me snap photos with the caveat that this is a pre-production model and what you see not is not what you might get. It really is a beautiful car and the seats are awesome. I did not get to drive in it or hear the engine (other than at idle), but here are some photos.

The instructors told me they expect M4 at … CONTINUED