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07/09/2013    12:50 PM

The LCI refresh model for the current F07/F10/F11 5 Series begins production this month, but BMW has already begun testing the next generation 5 Series. We’ve spotted the next gen 5 Series Touring here.

The next 5 Series is said to be shedding some weight, hopefully by way of the carbon fiber technologies which the next generation G11 7 Series will receive.

At this early testing stage, much of the car is still covered in heavy camouflage, but we’ve put together some comparison photos below.

Expect to see the next 5 Series revealed in 2016.

06/20/2012    5:20 PM

The current F10 5 Series just arrived on the market in March 2010, but work has already started at BMW for the next generation 5 Series, which should come as a 2017 model.

According to BMW insider Scott26:

The next generation 5er is as I understand going through the motions of design process at the moment so they cannot give a concrete conclusion as we are still some time off from final design freeze , or the final car that will be chosen for production.

Of course design is very much influenced by BMW’s latest sculptural approach as demonstrated on the Vision Connected Drive concept car which is a preview to the progression of the current cars that began with the BMW 7er in 2008.