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08/23/2013    3:45 PM

A BIMMERPOST was the lucky winner of a contest to drive the BMW 4 Series on the track and road, hosted by BMW and Autoweek. He brings back his experience with us:

Day 1 and Background

Hello all! As I promised everyone I am doing my full write up on the 4 Series Drive that I had with Autoweek and BMW. It was one of the most amazing experiences I have had in my life.. and I am still coming down from the great time I had!

Note: I am not a profesional writer by any means, and I am bad at attaching pics. I also am a recent BMW enthusiast. I have owned my E92 since March of 2009, so I only have 4 years of … CONTINUED

08/13/2013    6:29 PM

Developed from motor racing expertise, perfectly tailored to the model in question and designed to be combined according to individual preference – this is the BMW M Performance Parts program. BMW is now expanding the range in this product area with the addition of retrofit options for the BMW 4 Series. What is more, model-specific BMW M Performance Parts are available for the BMW M automobiles as well as for the models of the BMW 1 Series, BMW 3 Series, BMW 5 Series and BMW 6 Series. Conceived in close collaboration with BMW M GmbH, the retrofit components in the areas of drive, suspension, aerodynamics and cockpit provide a significant bonus in terms of driving dynamics as well as adding a touch of sporty flair … CONTINUED

08/13/2013    11:20 AM

Auto Express UK shares their first drive review of the 435i M Sport, which left them with favorable impressions.

08/12/2013    11:35 AM

On this episode of Ignition Carlos Lago goes to Portugal to test the new BMW 435i. The replacement for the 3 Series coupe, the 4 Series is wider and much lower than the sedan – in fact, it has the lowest center of gravity of any BMW currently on sale. BMW claims it’s substantiated the controversial name change by differentiating the 4′s styling and driving dynamics from the 3. They find out if that’s the case, and more, with a drive through the beautiful seaside roads in Portugal and a lapping session at the iconic former F1 circuit, Estoril.

08/01/2013    3:40 PM

We’ve shown you the 4 Series M Sport in Estoril Blue II and Black, now have a look at the F32 M Sport in Alpine White, showing off the M Sport aero kit lines well.

Catch our 4 Series coverage @ http://www.bimmerpost.com/4-series/

07/26/2013    2:00 PM

You’ve seen them separately, now see them visually compared – the 4 Series versus 3 Series M Sport and M Performance Parts equipped models.

The 4 Series M Sport model can be ordered now and the 4 series M Performance Parts will be released in October-November.

07/25/2013    12:20 PM

Chris Harris reviews the F32 435i on the track and road… and abides by BMW’s no drifting rule at the Estoril track (or does he??) :)

07/24/2013    4:30 PM

Many BMW fans have been waiting for the F32 4 Series Coupe [full official details] to arrive. And arrive it has. We have recently driven the 435i Sport Line in Portugal – Lisbon and at the Estoril Track. It was a joy.

What I Loved?

The cliché holds true for 4 Series as it does with many BMWs – the styling looks so much better in real life than in 2D photos on a computer screen. As for the package? Besides all the standard qualities that make a BMW a BMW, the new 435i has some extras that put the car in the uber-klass when it comes to premium sporty coupes. What are those extras? HUD/drivers package, lane departure warning, LED headlights (not for US market yet) … CONTINUED

07/24/2013    1:23 PM

We recently asked for your questions regarding the BMW 4 Series and we brought those (together with some of our own) to the press launch for the F32. Big thanks to all the gracious BMW representatives who patiently answered our questions.

Here’s what we were able to find out for BIMMERPOST members.

Are there suspension or steering tweaks/improvements in the F32 compared to the F30?

The F32 is much more rigid than the F30. One way BMW has done this is by using a different suspension with extra V- or X- bracing from the subframes going back to the car’s chassis. Also, the entire suspension is different from the F30. We know this car will be mostly driven with two people aboard and in a sporting way. … CONTINUED