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01/18/2014    6:12 PM

A new 2002? Behind the wheel of the M235i

By Jens Meiners, BIMMERPOST Contributor

If there is a single car that has put BMW on the map with enthusiasts in the USA, it is the 2002. Derived from the “New Class” mid-size sedan, it became the quintessential compact sports sedan. In 1975, it was replaced by the 3-series – a worthy successor initially, but a car that has become remarkably large over the years. In fact, the current 3-series is almost as long and tall as the E3 luxury sedan, and it is actually wider. There is plenty of room to reinvent the 2002 – which the company has done a few years ago with the 1-series coupe and now with its successor, the 2-series [Official … CONTINUED

01/15/2014    4:45 PM

We had a chance to sit down with Oliver Ganser, Product Strategy and Market Intelligence Manager at BMW, to discuss the M235i and 228i Coupes [Official Info Thread], which are having their world public debuts at Detroit this week and next.

Q: Does the M235i share the same electric power steering (EPS) system as the F20 M135i?
A: It’s the same system as the M135i, but different than the new M3/M4′s EPS. The EPS in the M3/M4 received a lot of structural improvements.

Q: What improvements were made to the N55 engine for the M235i application, if any?
A: It’s a normal N55 engine, but receives an enforced camshaft (cast iron was replaced by steel), adjusted software engine mapping, and improved cooling system.

Q: Does the M235i … CONTINUED

01/14/2014    11:45 AM

The online builder configurator is now online for the 2 Series! Build your M235i and 228i and share your configuration with us.

01/13/2014    5:00 PM

Along with the BMW M3 and BMW M4 making their debuts at this exciting show (due to such marquee BMW model debuts), is the BMW M235i coupe and 228i coupe [See Official Thread].

The M235i with its 3.0L N55 inline 6 cylinder turbo engine achieves 322 hp / 332 lb-ft and covers 0-60mph in 4.8 sec (auto) and 5.0 sec (manual).

The 228i is powered by the 2.0L N20 inline 4 cylinder turbo engine, good for 240 hp / 258 lb-ft. 0-60mph takes 5.4 sec (auto).

Both models will hit US dealers in March. For ordering/pricing information, see the official BMW guide at: http://www.2addicts.com/forums/showthread.php?t=923208

We’ll soon be publishing an interview we just had with BMW on the 2 Series, so be sure to check back.

01/12/2014    3:30 PM

Here are the very first looks of the BMW M235i and 228i coupes on display at the 2014 Detroit NAIAS show starting tomorrow!

01/10/2014    10:30 AM

Even more footage of the self driving and drifting M235i coupe.

01/09/2014    12:20 PM

Here is the Canadian BMW Product Planning Bulletin for the BMW M235i and 228i.

01/07/2014    12:37 PM

Action video of the BMW M235i prototype self automated driving car.

01/06/2014    6:29 PM

BMW has earned an undisputed status as one of the world’s leading carmakers with developments – grouped under the BMW ConnectedDrive banner – focusing on every aspect of the link-up between the driver, vehicle and outside world. The company is underlining its position in the vanguard of technology at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014 in Las Vegas. The company will use the headline US fair – which spotlights advances from across the world of digitalisation and connectivity – to present innovative previews of future developments and new applications for series-produced vehicles.

Highly automated driving at the limit.
The BMW Group has created a new kind of research prototype for highly automated driving which uses advanced control technology to demonstrate maximum safety up to the car’s … CONTINUED