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11/27/2011    3:30 PM

Follow a 1M owner’s european delivery journal and experience it vicariously through his more than 100 photos from the trip through Europe.

11/01/2011    6:00 PM

What could be better than taking European Delivery of a BMW? How about when that BMW is a BMW Individual order? And what tops that? How about then taking redelivery via Performance Center Delivery!

That describes M3POST member Azurite90M’s experience recently with his Individual Azurite Black M3 sedan. Check out his most epic photo gallery inside.

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10/09/2011    2:30 PM

Take a European delivery trip vicariously with status38 as he chronicles his euro delivery adventure to Europe and the Nurburgring. His trip took him from Munich – > Stuttgart -> Nurburg -> Brussells -> Amsterdam with a few stops and detours on the side.

Tons of great photos and videos inside. Our favorites are the ones from The Green Hell!

09/17/2011    5:45 PM

Many of our 1M owners are taking advantage of BMW’s european delivery option and reporting back with great stories and gorgeous photos of their experience.

Member djafactor has just posted his euro delivery journal which takes us on his 8 days ED trip with his 1M and father as co-pilot. Along the way they meet a lead 1M engineer, hit the Geslar Pass, Innsbruck, through the South Tyrol mountains, drove Furka and San Bernadino Pass, and drove the Nurburgring. You can experience djafactor’s trip vicariously inside.

09/12/2011    11:40 AM

M3 Adjuster, one of the first 12 civilians to test drive the BMW 1M coupe, as part of the M-power.com contest late last year, has become the first of the 12 to pick up his 1M coupe. His epic european delivery journal can be seen inside. If you like ED photos, you will NOT be disappointed!

08/29/2011    1:02 PM

Yet another excellent european delivery journal thread! But, the photos never get old and boy are there a lot of those in this journal, which features tons of bucket list level events and places to see.

Member ///M1 started with pickup at The Welt, followed by the ‘mandatory’ factory tour, and once done, a spirited 550+km drive North to Cologne, where for all 3 days he was hosted by the Scuderia Ferrari team in the Formula 1 Paddock during the German F1 Grand Prix at the Nurburgring. As a side note, he is on a life-long dream to visit every single active F1 circuit in the world, and is now at the half-way mark. His subsequent trip through Central and Eastern Europe was timed such … CONTINUED

08/25/2011    6:30 PM

The summer months always bring a slew of european deliveries, and we all benefit by having the opportunity to live vicariously through all our member’s posted journals. This one features thorny’s E92 M3 coupe delivery and trip through Europe which took them from BMW Welt through the German, Swiss, and Italian mountains, all the way down to Venice, Florence, and finally the Cote d’Azur (French riviera region). Beautiful set of photos inside.

08/23/2011    10:00 PM

Part 2 (and conclusion) of 1MGator’s 1M european delivery has been posted for everyone’s enjoyment. He capped off his european delivery adventure in grand and appropriate style by testing the merits of his new ride right where it was developed — on the Nurburgring track. Photos, video, and the experience inside.

08/22/2011    12:40 PM

Here’s 1ADDICTS member 1mGator’s 1M and european delivery story, documented well in his ED journal and photos. His story:

My love of BMW’s started in 1988 with the purchase of my E30 325ic. I loved that car and like many of you, I have had the pleasure of owning many of these wonderful cars through the years. In 2000, as a graduation present I gave my son the E30 and it served him well through 450,000 miles – he drives a 335i today and loves the brand. I am happy to have passed this obsession on to my family and we had the pleasure of doing a PCD delivery last October form my wife’s X5. Finally, after years of dreaming of ED the purchase of the … CONTINUED