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08/24/2010    4:00 PM

The BMW X1 and the Mini Countryman are similar in several physical dimensions, as well as its intended owner demographic. Here is a size and photo comparison between the two BMW made SAVs. The X1 is longer and has a longer wheelbase while also having a larger cargo capacity.

08/19/2010    9:00 PM

American fans of the BMW X1 SAV will soon get their turn as the X1 is expected to hit U.S. dealerships in late May to early June of 2011 according to our sources. The X1 has been on sale in Europe since Oct. 2009 and is produced at the BMW Leipzig plant. Its main rivals will be the upcoming Audi Q3 and Mercedes B-Class.

The X1 has been a sales success so far, recently overtaking the Audi Q5 as the top selling premium sports utility vehicle in Europe.

Catch all our X1 homepage coverage here: http://www.bimmerpost.com/x1/

08/17/2010    9:00 PM

Hartge has posted new photos of its X1 (E84) fitted with its quad exhaust system, wheels, and Hartge striping.

08/14/2010    2:30 AM

BMW’s X1 has been an undisputed hit in Europe so far. The X1 now tops the premium SUV class after overtaking the Audi Q5 as the top selling premium SUV for the first half of 2010 after selling 55,550 units through July. The X1 will arrive in US showrooms by Spring 2011. BMW sold 11,483 X1s in July 2010 alone.

06/08/2010    4:45 PM

The BMW X1 has been marketed as a lifestyle vehicle, perfect for those who lead both an active outdoor and social life. But, as this video shows, its xDrive system also makes it plenty capable for light rugged uses, such as navigating rougher terrain. A stylish lower slung SAV with some off-road capability

05/20/2010    6:00 AM

In the BMW CEO Norbert Reithofers report (full report below) to shareholders yesterday, the CEO happily reported that the BMW X1 has outsold expectations with 36,000 cars sold since its launch last Fall. The X1 is expected to be available in North America starting sometime next year (2011) and should be available in the xDrive28i gasoline model, powered by the 3.0L 6-cylinder motor making 231-hp and a 199 lb-ft of torque.

Dr. Reithofer: “The BMW X1 has significantly exceeded even our own ambitious expectations: Since its introduction last fall, we have delivered more than 36,000 units to customers,” BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer said that the company’s annual shareholder’s meeting. “Among these customers are plenty of younger people for whom BMW was not … CONTINUED

04/09/2010    8:11 AM

Xbimmers member largehosier provides us this great review (plus photos) of his new X1 2.3d xDrive. The car is everything he hoped it would be, and having owned 9 cars in the past 12 years, he has plenty of comparison. He’s so smitten with it, it’s the first he’ll be keeping long-term (until the X1 facelift that is).

03/23/2010    11:09 PM

BMW and the ski company K2 sponsored a group of professional skiers on a trip throughout the ski slopes of Europe. The skiers traveled in X1s to the locations and even utilized the X1s AWD technology during some of their stunts. Check it out.

03/17/2010    8:00 PM

Drive.com.au reviews the BMW X1 and calls it possibly the stand-out car the compact 4WD market has been crying out for.