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05/17/2012    8:00 PM

BMW may have produced the MiniE and ActiveE (electric versions of the Mini Cooper and the 1 Series Coupe), but EV West, a California conversion shop decided to electrify a more performance based nameplate – the M3… the E36 M3 to be exact.

EV West took a 1995 BMW M3 and replaced its 6 cylinder 240hp S52 engine with a NetGain DC electric motor and Evnetics Soliton Shiva motor controller, packing 420 totally green horsepowers!

For its first real test, this M3 will compete in “electric” heat of this year’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in Colorado (also known as the “90th Race to the Clouds”). It will be competing against 6 other electric cars in its race heat, but none are based off a conventional car like … CONTINUED