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03/22/2011    1:56 AM

While we’re all waiting for its official debut, BMW continues testing FEP prototypes of the F10 M5. Spotted in SoCal, here are more pictures of a beautiful M5 in Silverstone II, a nice silver color with a light blue hue already known from the E60 M5. The previous Silverstone II sighting was at the Schipol Airport in the Netherlands.

The M5 will feature a twin-turbo twin-scroll V8 with an output of at least 555hp (internal code S63) and — according to latest reports — mated to a 7-speed DCT transmission. Expect the M5 to make its first appearance as a concept at the Shanghai Motor Show in April with the production version being one highlight of the IAA Frankfurt this September. BMW will help us waiting by … CONTINUED

03/17/2011    5:00 PM

More test drive reviews of F10 M5 prototype are trickling. Following Chris Harris’ review last week, two German publications just published their first impressions on the F10 M5. Both Autobild and AMS confirm that a 7-speed DCT will be used, and both hint at an output of 560hp. According to AMS, BMW has also developed a new Limited Slip Differential. While the actual lock is still performed by visco clutches it now is able to work proactive and build-up lock even before one wheel loses traction.

Here are some select quotes that caught our attention:

“Once the engine is started the new M5 welcomes you with a raw sound – When wanted the engine makes a raspy scream.”

“In order to avoid the power merely making for smoke … CONTINUED

03/16/2011    4:00 PM

We bring you more photos of the F10 M5 in beautiful monte carlo blue! Seen here is the expected production form of the F10 M5, with only front and rear details under any major camouflage. It is easy however to piece together what they look like from previous spy photos (posted below). The new M5 will be powered by a tweaked version of the S63 V8 twin turbo motor from the X5M/X6M, good for what we believe will be 585-600hp.

Also pictured are the best interior spy photos yet, showing the DCT transmission and full black panel dashboard.

The F10 M5 concept will bow at the 2011 Shanghai show next month (with an internet reveal sometime prior) and the production M5 is expected to premier at the 2011 … CONTINUED

03/15/2011    2:01 PM

We’ve posted below the newest F10 M5 trailer and a separate extra length testing video, complete with commentary (and our English translation) from the test drivers. Enjoy the sights and sounds inside!

03/11/2011    9:40 AM

What makes for a great video? EVO’s Chris Harris and a pre-production F10 M5 on snow surely isn’t the worst thing to start with. Following two F10 M5 teaser videos on M-Power.com last week, this video shows Chris Harris going sideways in an F10 M5.

There’s also some more information on EVO.co.uk. BMW apparently confirmed with Chris Harris that the new M5 will have at least 555hp (that’s the output of the X5 M and X6 M) and that “there’s a seven-speed DCT dual clutch transmission with three different shift speeds and a fully automatic mode. This is a huge relief after earlier reports hinted at an 8-speed automatic transmission.

03/03/2011    6:10 PM

The countdown to the F10 M5 has officially begun. Here’s another teaser video from M-Power.com starring Dr. Kay Segler, CEO at BMW M GmbH, and some shots of a slightly disguised M5 during winter testing. We’re looking forward to learning all the details about the M5 in the coming weeks.

But, if that’s not good enough for you or you simply can’t wait that long, M-Power.com might have something for you. Register at the M-Power.com Closed Room and let BMW M know which dreams you associate with the new BMW M5. If they like your dream you might end up driving an M5 prototype during its late development phase and participate in exclusive launch events. So don’t miss this chance if you have an M5 dream to … CONTINUED

03/01/2011    1:09 PM

As we reported earlier, a new Closed Room on M-Power.com has just opened. As with the former Closed Room for the 1-series M Coupe, there’ll be tons of information and media made available over the next couple of weeks and months. Register for the new Closed Room at M-Power.com to have access to all upcoming information.

For now, here’s a first teaser video of the F10 M5.

02/16/2011    9:42 AM

The F10 M5 is almost upon us, with a concept version headed for a debut at the Shanghai auto show in April. Being in its FEP phase, it’s being tested in some different production colors. Before this particular model was spotted, the only other time a blue M5 has been spotted was at M’s Garching headquarters where it was spotted with its production rear exposed for the only time.

What we see here is basically the production form of the M5, albeit with front and rear bumper designs still camouflaged. It is easy however to piece together what they look like from previous spy photos (posted below).

The F10 M5 concept will bow at the 2011 Shanghai show in April and the production M5 is expected to premier … CONTINUED

02/14/2011    8:30 PM

Motortrend provides some reasoning behind why the upcoming F10 M5 may be M-division’s first automatic-only model, featuring a ZF 8-speed automatic transmission only and no manual or dual clutch transmission option. (Thus far, the F10 M5 has only been spotted with automatic transmission)

Their reasoning for the lack of a DCT option is due to the monstrous torque that the F10 M5′s twin turbo DI 4.4L V8 motor from the X5M/X6M is expected to generate. The F10 M5 is expected to feature more power than even the X5M/X6M which currently puts down 500 lb-ft torque, and could come in above 550 lb-ft. Apparently, BMW attempted to adapt the Getrag M DCT for the F10 M5 but was unable to do so without beefing it up with larger … CONTINUED