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11/01/2012    12:00 PM

BMW is putting huge effort in launching a revolutionary, new “three” [full technical details inside]. Before you get too excited, let’s be clear that what we are talking about is not the next generation of the quintesssential sports sedan. The “three” refers to the entry-level iteration of BMW’s new, modular engine family. In the quest to modernize its engine portfolio and achieve maximum economies of scale, Munich is launching closely related three-, four- and six-cylinder engines for diesel and gasoline applications.

There is a lot of good news hidden here. For one thing, BMW won’t need to co-operate with PSA Peugeot and Citroen anymore to fulfill its engine needs in the compact segment. Secondly, the vast economies of scale mean that BMW can optimize its cost … CONTINUED

10/18/2012    10:35 AM

In this video, race car driver Scott Pruett and BMW Product & Technology Communications Manager Matt Russell explain the BMW M Electronic Damper Control (EDC) system and how the Comfort, Sport and Sport+ suspension settings make a difference in the F10 M5 and F12/F13 M6.

Although the M5 and M6 use an M tuned version of the BMW EDC, here is a general summary of EDC technology from BMW:

Electronic Damper Control (EDC) automatically or manually adjusts each damper to suit the driving conditions meaning you enjoy outstanding comfort along with the best in BMW on-road safety. EDC reduces variations in wheel load, ensures tyres have excellent traction and counteracts bodyshell movement regardless of the weight your automobile may be carrying or the state of the road’s … CONTINUED

10/17/2012    8:00 AM

Two new humorous BMW commercials for Head-Up Display and Real Time Traffic Information.

You can review the convenience, infotainment and safety features of BMW ConnectedDrive at http://www.BMW.com/ConnectedDrive.

10/15/2012    7:30 PM

The Rimac e-M3 has now been acknowledged as the fastest accelerating electrical vehicle (EV). Its record breaking run, which happened in April 2011, has now been confirmed and acknowledged by the FIA. The electric E30 M3 covered the first eighth of a mile in 7.549 seconds and the quarter mile in 11.808 seconds).

A full mile was completed in 35.347, which is still pending the FIA nod. The driver (and owner of the Rimac tuning company) Mate Rimac is already working on something even faster – the new pre-production Concept_One.

10/15/2012    3:00 PM

Apple recently introduced the new iPhone 5. There are three key differences between it and earlier iPhone models that affect its integration in BMW vehicles. First, the physical dimensions of the body of the new phone are thinner and longer compared to the iPhone 4/4S. Second, the iPhone uses a new 8-pin connector in place of the traditional 30-pin connector used on all other iPhone variants as well as iPod touch and iPod nano. The third is the elimination of the analog video signal.

Click on the article title above to read the FAQ regarding the use of iPhone 5 and iOS 6, as answered by BMW, together with an overview of Y-Cable and Bluetooth use.

10/12/2012    8:00 AM

Here’s an idea for those who have the new iPhone 5, looking for a cradle solution, and cannot wait until BMW releases its snap-in adapter next year… make your own!

Here is a DIY by a BIMMERPOST showing how he managed to fabricate his own iPhone 5 cradle for the BMW center console using a base plate of the original cradle adapter and the Apple USB to lightning cable, he’s managed to come up with a solution that holds his phone and provides all features except iPod Out functionality and antennae connectivity.

10/10/2012    10:30 AM

Apple recently released its iPhone 5 and with it came a change to its connector from the previous 30-pin to the new 8-pin ‘Lightning’ connector.

This change unfortunately means that the new iPhone will no longer work with BMW’s current iPhone snap-in-adapters. So when can we expect the the new adapters for the iPhone 5 from BMW?

We’ve learned that BMW has already started work on the snap-in-adapters for the newest iPhone. The changes however, are said to be quite complex (due to the new connector) and development will therefore require some months to complete. The changes are not as easy as one may think. For example, the iPhone/iPod Out function requires the video D/A converter circuitry to be integrated into the actual snap-in adapter, which will naturally … CONTINUED

10/08/2012    8:00 AM

A year ago, BMW announced its involvement in the development of “Car-to-x” communications technology which will allow future allow drivers to “see” long distances ahead, into areas currently hidden from view, and even around not just one but many corners.

Car-to-x communication entails electronic networking of vehicles and roadside infrastructure, with the aim of exchanging information directly both between road users and between road users and roadside infrastructure (such as traffic lights, traffic signs, bridges, tolls and even dangerous roads). Car-to-x communication is a comprehensive communication network which any road user can take part in. It would operate via WLAN or mobile phone connections.

Following four years of R&D work, the field operational tests have now begun. 20 BMW cars and 5 BMW motorcycles are taking part in … CONTINUED

09/28/2012    10:45 AM

The BMW i3 Concept may be a bit of an old regular at the major auto shows by now, but it showed some elements off for the first time at the 2012 Paris auto show.


This latest version of the i3 Concept features an interior design geared towards sustainability. The eucalyptus wood used for the instrument panel comes from a sustainable cultivation source in Europe and is treated exclusively with natural substances. The high-quality leather of the seats has a fine surface consistency achieved by processing tanning agents gained from olive leaves. What is more, parts of the instrument cluster and door trim are made of natural wool fabric.

CFRP Construction:

Also showing publicly for the first time is the carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) passenger cell [first previewed … CONTINUED