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03/06/2013    11:05 AM

Hamann showcases its F10 M5 Mi5Sion at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, or what we think might be an M5

To say it’s a radical looking kit for the M5 would be an understatement. The Mi5Sion M5 receives widebody fenders that have added 30mm on each side. It has custom front and rear bumpers, carbon fiber trunk spoiler, door handles, and rear diffuser.

The interior features a contrasting black-white theme, with Alpine White and black leather seats to match the exterior and white trims throughout to continue the theme.

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03/05/2013    5:05 PM

Austrian tuner MS Design unveiled its F30 program today at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. Dubbed the “B36″, this F30 335i tuning program comes with both go and show.

Release by MS Design:

World Premiere in Geneva the B36 by MS Design

This September the Austrian car styling and individualization specialist MS Design celebrates its 30th Anniversary. And of Course such an occasion deserves a very special project. The B36 by MS DESIGN!

B36 by MS Design

Based on a BMW 335i MS Design created a special project, combining a dynamic and elegant design with an extra plus in performance and power. Or simple: Usain Bolt in a designer suit.

The elaborate exterior package harmonizes perfectly with the lines of the BMW base and adds a touch of alpine wilderness making … CONTINUED

03/05/2013    12:30 PM

Alpina has brought two world debuts to showcase at the 2013 Geneva auto show – the B3 F30 and the Alpina XD3 (based off the X3 SAV).

You can find the B3 F30′s full official specs and gallery inside.

03/05/2013    10:00 AM

A rare thing happened today at the Geneva auto show. We actually managed to be surprised by the debut of a new model that had not been first teased or previewed online by its manufacturer; a rare thing these days where manufacturers typically tease, preview or reveal new models online prior to its real life debut.

Kudos to Alpina for bucking the trend and keeping a tight lid on the debut of the Alpina XD3 Bi-Turbo! On to the details:


The drivetrain of the XD3 Bi-Turbo utilises the excellent attributes of the BMW full aluminium 3 litre straight six cylinder engine with modern common-rail direct injection and two turbochargers with variable turbine geometry.

With the aim of further maximising the potential of this engine and using the … CONTINUED

03/04/2013    2:05 PM

Making its debut at the 2013 Geneva auto show this week will be the MS Design B36, a radical looking F30 335i.

The B36 features aggressive fender flares, paired with new front and rear bumpers, sidesirts, and exhaust pipes. It wears 20″ wheels and rides on an upgraded suspension.

It’s not all go and no show though, as power the 335i has been tuned to 360 hp.

The interior features alcantara seats (front and back), arm side panels, armrest.

Look for more details and real life photos from Geneva, starting tomorrow!

02/27/2013    7:50 PM

AC Schnitzer has revealed its F31 3 Series Touring and 6 Series Gran Coupe set to show at next week’s 2013 Geneva auto show. These appear to be very minor updates of the previously revealed ACS F31 and ACS 6 Series Gran Coupe.

The F31 3 Series Touring M Sport kit includes a center bumper metal grille, front splitter lips, painted rear diffuser, roof spoiler, and exhaust tail pipes. The 6 Series Gran Coupe M Sport gets a center bumper metal grille, carbon fiber front lip, carbon fiber rear diffuser, and exhaust tail pipes.

Interior bits include painted trim, ACS iDrive knob, hand brake handle, shift knob, and aluminum pedals.

More detailed info, including performance modifications, will be revealed at the 2013 Geneva auto show next week.

02/27/2013    4:30 PM

Here are some new photos and updated specs of the Alpina F30 B3 Bi-Turbo.

The F30 B3 boasts more power and torque than the E90 B3, yet is 20% more gas efficient.

The new B3 Bi-Turbo delivers 410 HP (301 kW) starting at 5500 RPM (compared to the US F30 335i with 300 HP), and and 442 lb-ft (600Nm) torque. Transmission comes in the form of a ZF 8 speed automatic.

0-100kmh (0-62 mph) takes only 4.2 seconds.

Top speed is 305 km/h (189 MPH).

Emissions decreases by 7.6 L per 100 km, to 177 g / km CO2.

02/23/2013    1:40 PM

Here’s a nice and simple F30 335i M Performance Exhaust Install DIY.

It’s not very difficult and you can save yourself hundreds of dollars (what the dealership charges). Approximate install time should be under one hour.

02/22/2013    10:45 AM

BIMMERPOST sponsor Alekshop has started an interesting E92 M3 build, building a US spec M3 GTS based on the BMW M3 Lime Rock Edition, which shares the same Fire Orange color with the M3 GTS. Per Alekshop:

The day BMW announced a release of the special model M3 GTS, we knew that this is the car we have to have!

After reading multiple press releases, looking at million pictures, translating technical info from German to English we gathered enough information to come up with a plan to build a US Spec M3 GTS.

Being a limited production car that was not offered in United States, we knew it will be extremely difficult to obtain the original M3 GTS parts for our project. That was a roadblock for … CONTINUED