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08/28/2011    1:50 PM

Our coverage of M cars from this weekend’s BMW M Experience at the Indianapolis MotoGP continues with the first exhaust clips of the F10 M5 safety car showing off its badass Akropovic exhaust system, the production F10 M5, and some more 1M safety car pics.

The videos below were taken during the M5 safety car’s police escorted drive from the race track to downtown Indianapolis, where it was shown off to BMW M Experience VIPs and passerbys.

08/27/2011    3:20 PM

We’ve updated with even more photos of the F10 M5 safety car, official safety car of the MotoGP, which is making its debut this weekend to M VIP at the Indianapolis MotoGP race.

The new photos feature the M5 safety car posing on the race track, as well as some pics from the police escort it received from the track to downtown Indianapolis. It drew quite a crowd in front of the hotel as you can see!

08/26/2011    11:35 AM

The Indianapolis MotoGP race takes places this weekend and BMW is putting on a BMW M Experience for a lucky group of 50 M enthusiasts who have signed up for the event, which starts today and ends Sunday.

Besides the special access to the MotoGP race and paddocks, BMW will be providing these enthusiasts with hot laps in M safety cars driven by M school instructors, as well as a personal presentation of the F10 M5 sedan by M executives. They will also get the world’s first look at the F10 M5 safety car, the first pics of which we’ve posted below.

We’ll have full details on the F10 M5 safety car soon, but what know so far is that it features an Akropovic lightweight titanium race exhaust, … CONTINUED

08/11/2011    11:25 AM

Biglare took to the track with his modified BMW 1M coupe at OCRC for some evaluation of the performance enhancements from his ESS tune, KW V3 coilovers, Eisenmann Race full exhaust, HRE P43S wheels, and Toyo Proxes 1 Tires. His evaluation and some nice video and photos from the session can be found inside.

08/07/2011    4:00 PM

This may not be the very first 3-series to M3 conversion we’ve had on BIMMERPOST, but M3 conversions are always unique and interesting to see. This particular build features a beautiful custom Ferrari Girigio Silverstone paint and several other custom touches. It was recently featured in BMW Performance Magazine, so check out the build details and photos inside.

08/03/2011    5:25 PM

RevoZport claims a weight reduction of 60kg (132lb) from the entire kit, which is no insignificant amount of weight saved. It improves the 1M coupe’s power-to-weight ratio from 9.8lb/hp to 9.36lb/hp. Parts list, details, photos, and pricing are detailed below.

Front Grill
Lightweight Hood
Front Splitter
Front Splitter Brake Duct Kit
Side Skirt
Lightweight Trunk
Trunk Lip Spoiler
GT Spoiler with Mount
Roof Spoiler
Lightweight Roof Panel
Mirror Covers
Rear Diffuser
Interior Door Cards

RevoZport describes … CONTINUED

08/03/2011    3:25 PM

The first dyno results and review of the ESS Directflash Stage 1 flash tune for the BMW 1M coupe are in. Based on using the standard 15-18% drivetrain loss the car stock is making about 370 HP and the stage 1 tune is making about 410 HP. Stage 2 of their tune is in the works. Dyno graphs and more feedback from member biglare can be seen inside.

08/03/2011    11:03 AM

Feature video for the Active Autowerke and M.A.C. E92 M3 coupe builds that we previously featured. Check out the live footage of the unique Reventon and Ithaca Green colored M3s inside.

07/28/2011    2:10 PM

AC Schnitzer’s development of a BMW 1M coupe tuning program is underway. They join tuners such as Revozport, Kelleners Sport, TechTec, and others who have sought to put their own custom touches on the small monster M. That so many tuners are developing parts for a short run car such as the 1M coupe is a testament to its appeal as a true enthusiasts’ car.

GTspirit was recently invited to AC Schnitzer’s design and work shop to observe head designer Michele Vindante working on the AC Schnitzer 1M Coupe.

The aero part design starts with a computer generated design, which then moves on to clay modeling (on a small scale). A mold is then cast from the final clay model. The mold is then translated to a true-to-life … CONTINUED