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03/18/2011    10:15 AM

Active Autowerke held its 30th anniversary spring social this past weekend. Attendance was high and the rides were stunning. A slew of photos and a video from the enthusiast gathering have been posted inside.

03/16/2011    3:59 PM

Bobby Rahal previews the first race of the ALMS season at the 12 Hours of Sebring. Also a reminder that BMW will be holding its BMW Conversations live chat from Sebring today (Thursday). Details are inside.

03/16/2011    10:30 AM

The Russian customizers who made the notorious Gold X5M are using their creativity and bravado once again, this time putting together a beautiful matte silver 135i. We’ve seen plenty of matte gray and black BMWs, but few matte titanium silvers. It proves to be stunning under interior lighting, but especially gorgeous out in the night under highway lights. Check out the video inside.

03/15/2011    2:01 PM

We’ve posted below the newest F10 M5 trailer and a separate extra length testing video, complete with commentary (and our English translation) from the test drivers. Enjoy the sights and sounds inside!

03/14/2011    10:46 AM

Here are some of the best clips of the 1M coupe exhaust sound at startup and low revving – from its Canadian debut at the Canadian International Auto Show last month.

03/13/2011    1:00 PM

With the official release of the new 6 series coupe we’ve have gotten our hands on 6 new videos of the car, in full HD quality. These are awesome to watch, especially the lighting sequence video which demonstrates the projector shape that basicly follows the idea seen on the original concept car. Its perfect!

03/12/2011    7:09 PM

The time has come for the official release of information, photos, videos and wallpapers related to the all new BMW 6-Series Coupe. And BMW have done it in real style, choose Vermillion Red as the launch color of the coupe, a color that really shows off the lines and the new fixed top roof beautifully!

03/12/2011    10:47 AM

Video update from the X3 Mountain Driving Events. What do skiing and the all-new X3 have in common? The BMW X3 Mountain Driving Event. At coast mountain resorts this winter, you can take out the all-new X3 out for a spin. And then take out a pair of K2 skis. Check out the event this weekend and others to come. http://www.bmwusa.com/X3MountainEvent

03/11/2011    3:00 PM

Full extended black panel display dash, one of the most anticipated features of the F10/F11 5-series, has finally arrived beginning with March production 5-series (equipped with the 6WA option). This option has been available on the F07 GT model since it’s introduction, but did not make production F10/F11s so far, despite being listed in the marketing brochures.