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02/21/2013    3:20 PM

We bring you the first live look and listen at the BMW 2 Series Coupe (F22) and Convertible (F23), from cold climate testing in Sweden. Seen and heard in our video are various models, including not limited, to the M235i and 228i models. It’s likely that at least some of the cars here are AWD xDrive models testing performance in the snow.

The M235i coupe (315 HP) is already confirmed for the US (see VIN details and spy photos). Production will begin in November 2013, for an 8 month first-model-year production run (until June 2014). There will be no 235i model in the US or elsewhere, as the M235i will take its place in the lineup.

The M235i will be joined by the 228i coupe in … CONTINUED

02/21/2013    10:45 AM

Via XCAR: BMW only ever made one proper supercar: The M1. It’s a slice of rare automotive legend and one that we had to have a deeper look at. Caution: features porno music and velvet.

When you think of 70′s supercars you tend to think of Lamborghinis and Ferraris – big, wedgy things that make a lovely noise and go very quickly indeed. You don’t tend to think of BMW, do you?

We can’t blame you for that. It’s a brand that isn’t really synonymous with supercars. Fast saloons, yes, but a supercar? Well, in the late 70′s BMW did indeed produce a supercar, the M1. Very few were made and its development is fraught with delays, financial troubles and moving goal posts.

It’s such a shame … CONTINUED

02/21/2013    8:30 AM

EVO Track Day at Autodrom Grobnik in Croatia, featuring some sweet rides, including the 1M coupe and M3 coupe.

02/20/2013    5:45 PM

The BMW i8 hybrid sports car prototype continues testing throughout the winter, this time spotted in northern Sweden.

The latest prototypes show:

The BMW i8 hybrid sports car prototype continues testing throughout the winter, this time spotted in northern Sweden.

The latest prototypes show:

Classic Hoffmeister kink has now been revealed.
• Kidney grilles now more visible than ever.
• Sideskirts now match the concept i8.
• Side view mirrors are sportier and extend out further, for a more exotic look.
• Door handles have been deleted from the doors and moved to the newly created gap between the rear edge of the door and the rear quarter panel, just like on the i8 Spyder Concept.
• Rear fenders/shoulders and tail lights have been raised for a more aggressive look, to match the look … CONTINUED

02/20/2013    12:20 PM

Design Portraits feature on Karim Antonie Habib, Head of Design BMW Automobiles.

02/19/2013    8:10 PM

Watch as M3POST member Lukester gets sideways while drifting his E92 M3 coupe around the Nordschleife (AKA Green Hell AKA Nurburgring).

02/18/2013    10:50 AM

BMW launched a new international advertising campaign focused on design in Germany last weekend. The integrated global campaign highlights the dynamism of BMW design and features a TV commercial that portrays the BMW Concept 4 Series Coupe in a highly dynamic way, using a surprising visual effect that is revealed at the end of the spot. Design and dynamics are also the focus of the print campaign. Ropes are used in the image to create the motion blur effect normally seen in real driving shots. Internet users have also been able to view a special online presentation on design at: www.bmw.com/design since November 2012. Videos, animations and a historical timeline provide insights into the design process, history and vision of BMW design. The online special … CONTINUED

02/16/2013    1:14 PM

While the BMW 4 Series Coupe will not see its debut until this Fall, the concept model (which debuted late 2012) is now being used in promotional material and events to build up anticipation for the production F32 4 Series Coupe.

The F32 4 Series Coupe will begin production this July 2013, to appear in dealers beginning August-September. The F33 4 Series Convertible begins production in November 2013.

The US will get the 428i and 435i coupes, in RWD and xDrive versions. The European model lineup can be seen in this previous post showing VIN model lookup results.

The coupe and convertible models will be joined by the 4 Series Gran Coupe model in 2014.

Directly below is the first TV ad that is airing for the 4 Series … CONTINUED

02/15/2013    2:15 PM

These guys at TFLcar.com the F12 M6 Coupe a mile above sea level, with the help of the BMW launch control feature.

Did it dramatically affected the 0-60 time? Enough to beat the new Mercedes SL? Find out inside.