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02/28/2012    1:30 PM

It seems that the 2012 M5 (F10) increasingly needs to look to full out sports cars in order to find the appropriate competition. Multiple outlets have already compared it against the Nissan GT-R and now Autoweek pits the F10 M5 against the Jaguary XKR-S in a showdown of two cars which possess both gentlemanlike and hooligan traits.

02/27/2012    12:48 PM

BIMMERPOST sponsored this past weekend’s Airstrip Attack, a runway shootout race event held at the Trona Airport near Death Valley, California. The event saw some of the most powerful European, Domestic, and Japanese cars from California go head-to-head on a half mile stretch of tarmac. The classes ranged from 400hp+ all the way to 1000hp+.

The following race featured an ESS VT650 Arkym Supercharged BMW M3 vs. Alpha 6 Nissan GT-R. Check out the result.

We’ll be posting many more shootout videos from the event, so stay tuned to our homepage for updates.

02/20/2012    10:00 AM

The 555hp X5 M is fast, but not faster than the M3 around a track. That is unless it puts it capabilities to creative uses. Watch one way the X5 M with its AWD w/ torque vectoring rear differential can beat the M3 around turns on a track ;)

02/15/2012    8:30 PM

Well respected automotive reviewer Chris Harris drives the F10 M5 and the Nissan GT-R. He admits that the two are not really rival cars, but what’s important is that the two are both great cars he enjoyed immensely (just look at his reaction), and in which he appreciated every mile and every minute.

02/15/2012    1:00 PM

It’s often difficult to perceive the size and scale of a new BMW vehicle in spy photos/videos without any other model by its side. To tell the size of the upcoming next generation BMW X5 (F15), we’ve now spied it next to both the current X5 (E70) and the current X3.

Compared to the current X5, the F15 X5 doesn’t appear to be much larger, and any increase in size (at least with respect to height and width) doesn’t seem to be very perceptible at this distance. The overall shape, silhouette, and roofline also don’t appear to be a radical departure.

What we can count on changing is the styling. The F15′s grilles will be larger, wider, and bolder than the current X5′s (as seen in the previous … CONTINUED

02/14/2012    1:35 PM

Site member clar, owner of both a frozen grey F10 M5 and E92 M3, has now completed run-in / break in on his new M5 and is able to give a proper performance review and comparison of his M5 versus M3.

See this excellent review inside as clar covers power, steering, handling, and more of his two M cars.

02/13/2012    3:30 PM

As with any new model release, it’s very interesting to see how the new model fares against the predecessor. We were curious how the stunning all-new BMW M6 Coupe (F13) and Convertible (F12) compare to old M6 (E63/E64), so we’ve compiled a photo and specs comparison. Big thanks to member HKS786 who put together the comparison photos.

02/08/2012    11:00 AM

During our US press launch drive of the 2012 3 Series (F30) we took the opportunity to meet with an E90POST member (SharkH8R) who is local to the Monterey area and owner of an E90 325i (on lowered suspension). We had the chance to photograph the F30 and E90 in various angles for a great comparison of the styling and visual differences.

Here is how F30′s physical dimension compares to a factory E90:

0.31 inches (8 mm) taller
3.66 inches (93 mm) longer body
1.96 inches (50 mm) longer wheelbase
1.45 inches (37 mm) wider track [front]
1.85 inches (47 mm) wider track [rear]

02/06/2012    9:00 AM

European Car reviews the new BMW M5 F10, which they call BMW’s twin turbo superhero. Their conclusion? The new M5 is every bit as tractable as the E60 M5 and its chassis and brakes are flat out superior. Unlike the E60 M5, the new M5 is more user friendly.