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04/24/2011    9:00 PM

Caradvice.com.au had a chance to review the 2012 650i convertible and came away very impressed, especially with its new styling, engine, automatic transmission, quality, handling/ride balance, and markedly improved electric steering. Here are some of the more notable quotes from their review.

04/20/2011    10:30 AM

Reporting LIVE from the 2011 New York International Autoshow (NYIAS)! The show has officially kicked off its media days and we can tell you already this show is better with more variety of cars on display then usually seen at the NYIAS.

The BMW display was in its normal place with its typical hardwood floors and a wide array of vehicles on display. Of course, the really important vehicles on display at the BMW stand are:
New BMW 6 Series Coupe
New BMW ActiveE
BMW 1M Vallencia Orange
BMW Z4 sDrive28i with the new TwinPower Turbo 4-cylinder engine (N20)

We’ve included our full gallery of pictures from the show below, hope you enjoy it.

04/19/2011    6:35 PM

The 2011 Shanghai Auto Show kicked off yesterday and this year’s show highlights the importance BMW now places on the Chinese market. The F10 M5 concept and the 2012 6-series coupe both made their world public debuts. Also being shown for the first time was the F10 5-series plug-in hybrid prototype.

Check out the BMW sights and sounds from Shanghai in this video.

04/18/2011    5:30 PM

Here is the first look at the launch film of the 2012 BMW 6-series coupe (F13), which will make its world public debuts at the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show and the 2011 NY International Auto Show this week.

Featured is a stunning 650i coupe in vermillion red. The 650i coupe features BMW’s 4.4L V8 twin turbo engine, making 400hp and 450lb-ft torque. It runs the 0-60mph in just 4.8 seconds.

04/18/2011    9:30 AM

BMW’s new 6-series convertible (F12) just hit the streets which means review comparison time. In their latest issue AMS pits the BMW 650i Convertible against two of its natural enemies – the Jaguar JK Convertible and the Maserati Gran Coupe. We’re happy to share that the F12 650i was able to finish this comparison on 1st place with 498 Points in total. Per AMS, “anything but a victory would have been a suprise. The new 6er Cabrio wins almost every category and shines both in comfort and driving dynamics. It doesn’t evoke strong emotions, but nevertheless does everything extremely well.

Second place and 454 points for the Jaguar JK Convertible. The AMS verdict: “Comparatively low costs, ride comfort, and the excellent V8 are the strongest points … CONTINUED

04/16/2011    12:35 PM

The one thing alot of us have been waiting for in the 6-Series lineup is the M-Sport package. The way BMW has been going with styling, its not going to be a big surprise as to how it will look. Basicly, the U shaped central air intake which was the staple of cars such as the E39 M5 and E46 M3 is now an M-Sport design feature, while the true M cars get the upside down U shape ala E92 M3, 1M Coupe and now F10 M5.

But this photo goes a long way to confirming that, and the photo certainly looks real. According to klier, this photo was published in a leading dutch newspaper (NRC Handelsblad) as an official BMW advertisement for the new 6.

Looks great, … CONTINUED

04/10/2011    5:00 PM

The F12 6-series convertible may not yet be in owner’s hands, but the owner’s manual is already available for all you eager owners to ratchet up your anticipation prior to delivery. Owner’s manual in PDF form inside.

04/05/2011    8:00 PM

Autocar.co.uk got a chance to sit down with the new 650i and got to do a full road test/review of the car.

First, they found the 650i to be a ‘seriously rapid car’, only half a second slower then the Bentley Continental GTC getting to 100mph. They go on to comment on the highly responsive turbos and transmission. The overall impression they give is that the engine/drivetrain on this car is perfect.

What they didn’t particularly like was the steering, handling and general responsiveness of the car to their inputs, they go on to say …

04/05/2011    2:45 PM

Autoblog has just posted their photos and reaction from an early preview of the 2012 BMW 6-series coupe from Munich. The F13 6-series coupe will make its world public debut at the Shanghai Motor Show in two weeks, alongside the just revealed F10 M5. The F13 coupe’s head design Karim Habib revealed to Autoblog that the inspiration for the F13 came from the BMW 3.0 CS from the 1960-70s – notably the long wheelbase, lengthened hood, and sharknose front.

Another interesting bit is that the F12 convertible info was introduced prior to the F13 coupe because it makes up the majority (60%) of 6-series sales in the U.S.

Head on over to Autoblog for their entire reaction and photos.