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05/13/2011    6:11 PM

An astute (and camera equipped) site member spotted this Le Mans blue F13 6-series coupe M-sport on the way to work this morning. This is the first time we have seen the 6-series coupe M-sport prototype with the actual M-sport wheels, which we uncovered last month. Thanks to LeMans335xiE90 for his efforts, as he was 1 hour late to work for bringing us this video.

03/29/2011    1:16 PM

Here is an even better look at the F13 6-series coupe M-sport package. The shape and styling of the front bumper can be clearly made out on this black 650i coupe. The sideskirts can be completely seen, owing to the black tape on black paint, and it’s easy to use some imagination on gauging what the rear bumper will resemble.

03/28/2011    1:46 PM

We bring you the first clear look at the 2012 6-series M-sport kit on an F13 coupe. Although covered in camouflage tape, it’s easy to make out the shape and style of the various 6-series M sport parts – the front bumper, sideskirts, and rear bumper. In our opinion, the beefy new front bumper which adds to the 6-series’ thin and angular front fascia gives BMW’s top end coupe a much more aggressive character.

The front bumper draws some lines from the F10 5-series M-sport (notably the middle portions), but the bottom/side parts of the side air inlets appear to taper in rather than go straight down as in the F10′s. Also, the front splitter fins don’t appear to come to an angle as on the … CONTINUED

03/10/2011    11:30 AM

The F13 6-series coupe will be unveiled within weeks, but test mules continue to be spotted. Courtesy of Autogespot, this vermillion red F13 6-series was spotted at a European ski resort. And although there is actually more camouflage on this prototype than even earlier spottings, it nevertheless gives us additional looks of the F13 from different angles and perspectives.

Based on the exhaust tip design and placement, this particular model appears to be a 650i. It is powered by the same 402hp twin-turbo V8 motor (N63) found in the already released 650i convertible and F10 550i.

The 650i coupe is scheduled to begin production in July of this year. Here is the BMW announced production schedule for the F12 / F13 6-series coupe and convertible lineup:

MY 2012:

March 2011 … CONTINUED

02/07/2011    9:37 AM

Although the new 6-series coupe has already been spotted completely sans camouflage we continue to get prototype glimpses at various colors and configurations.

Just spotted is the new Coupe in Alpine White, with standard body trim, ie. no M-Sport in both 650i and 640i/640d. The model range topping 650i is identified by its dual square exhaust tips and large 19 or 20″ alloy wheels. The 640i or 640d features smaller dual split round tip exhausts and is seen with non-production testing wheels. The 650i shows off the new 6-series coupe’s gorgeous LED angel eyes.

Yet another difference seen on the two models is the presence of a glass panoramic roof on the 650i and standard metal roof on the 640i/640d. Whether this means the 650i will come standard … CONTINUED

01/31/2011    1:00 PM

Although we have already seen a completely uncovered production 6-series coupe, these spy photos confirm that the upcoming production 2012 6-series coupe will feature a glass panoramic roof! A beautiful glass panoramic roof has been featured on the 6-series concept car, but these photos confirm that the glass greenhouse will indeed make it to production. The production glass top, however, appears to only extend back until the B-pillar and does not encompass the entire roof as seen on the concept coupe.

Having been inside the concept coupe, we can say that the glass roof provides for not only a beautiful look, but also a more spacious feeling inside the coupe, which reduces any claustrophobic feeling – particularly for rear seat passengers. We have posted some photos of … CONTINUED

01/17/2011    3:30 PM

Here it is, the 6-Series coupe completly uncovered. I know I know, we’ve just posted pictures of a lightly camouflaged Alpine White coupe only an hour ago, but this literally just came across my desk. It has no camo on it whatsoever so it was worth sharing IMO.

This particular 6-Series seems to wear Space Gray paint and is probably a 640i, given the rounded exhaust tips and smallish wheels (not clear if those will be the stock wheels or if we are looking at winter wheels).

The 640i will utilize the all new N55 TwinScroll turbocharged 6 cylinder engine producing 320HP and 450Nm of torque. The 650i will sit alongside the 640i and will house the same 4.4L twin turbo V8 as in the 550i and … CONTINUED

01/17/2011    2:00 PM

It seems like its all 6, all the time, recently doesn’t in? Its true, we’ve been showing alot of 6-Series pictures recently, but thats because BMW has been kind enough to parade around its new big coupe in a few different colors and trims. To recap, the coupe was recently spotted in Vermillion Red and Deep Sea Blue.

Now what we have before us is the new Coupe in Alpine White, with standard body trim, ie. no M-Sport. This appears to be the top of the class 650i, given away by its dual square exhausts out the rear and large 19 or 20″ alloy wheels, which are unbelievable. The beautifully proportioned car is everything you would expect it to be on the heels of the officially released … CONTINUED

01/14/2011    4:20 PM

The 6-series testing appears to be on a roll lately. Only yesterday we brought you the latest set of spyshots showing the F13 6-series Coupe almost fully unmasked. Following here is what appears to be the first look at the 6-series coupe with M-Sport package, courtesy of spyshots.nl. BMW did a pretty good job at masking the M-Sport front and rear bumpers. A closer look however reveals the more protruding/curved front bumper, bespoke M-Sport side skirts, and a different rear bumper. Don’t be upset about the wheels as they aren’t the final choice. It’s still winter in Germany so this particular test car was fitted with wheels from BMW’s part bin (style 238, currently available for the F07 and F01).

As if that wasn’t enough spyshots.nl also … CONTINUED