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11/26/2012    3:50 PM

BMW inside Scott26 has posted the following summary of the upcoming 1 series, 2 series, M2, Z1, Z2, and X2 lineup, as plans stand now.

By 2020. BMW hope to have projected sales of over two million units.

The larger majority of this level of sales will be combined MINI/BMW based upon the UKL architecture of around 600,000 units , then you can factor in another large number of dedicated SAV sales before we get to the regular series models. As I have said before welcome to the automobile industry.

It is easy for the question “if I was in charge this what I would do?” But today you have to take in consideration of growing segments , established segments , established markets , new markets and exploiting … CONTINUED

10/23/2012    3:50 PM

If resident BMW insider Scott26 is correct, the upcoming 1 Series FWD BMW model lineup will be available with M Sport packages.

Although the FWD models will be front-wheel driven, BMW has sporty intentions with the lineup; something we don’t doubt judging by how well MINIs (with which the FWD 1 Series models will share the UKL platform) handle and perform. Offering M Sport packages for the FWD BMW models will serve to enhance the sportiness (in looks, and perhaps performance) of the future front wheel drive range of cars.

Here are some speculative renders by resident digital artist Harold Wood of the BMW Concept Active Tourer (CAT) FWD electric hybrid in M Sport trim.

07/24/2011    12:35 AM

Insider Scott26 posts some more details on the upcoming FWD BMW 1-series models (based on UKL platform) which will join the RWD F20 1-series hatchback. In particular, information / speculation is provided on the 1-series Compactive Sport Tourer. Inside is a render which is said to be so close to the production version that Autobild was supposedly asked to remove it from its site.

The FWD BMW 1-series models lineup will include:

BMW 1er CITY compact
BMW 1er Compactive Sport Tourer
BMW 1er Family Activity Sport Tourer (FAST)
BMW 1er Gran Turismo
BMW 1er Roadster

05/30/2011    4:30 PM

Here’s a render of the 2-series coupe, which is what the next generation 1-series coupe and convertible will purportedly be badged as, while the hatchback 1-series and all new FWD 1-series models will retain the 1-series designation. More info via link inside. BMW 2 series coupe.

03/31/2011    12:04 PM

Update: This image has been confirmed as a render based on a real BMW image, so we are essentially seeing the real new look of the 1-series. Autobild leaks the new BMW 1er Sporthatch. This photo certainly looks like the real deal, especially comparing to the spyshots and everything we know about the car, I believe this to be real!!

02/11/2011    2:15 PM

CAR provides some new renders, details, and speculations on the upcoming baby BMW roadster, the Z2, and the 1-series GT. Both models are based on the UKL1 front-drive transverse architecture, standing for untere klasse in German. It’s at the core of BMW’s plans to become more efficient at making small cars. Power for the new UKL1 front-drive BMWs comes from three- and four-cylinder engines, spinning the front wheels, although four-wheel drive is enabled by UKL1 as it’s required for the Countryman. Getrag will build the 4wd, as well as a twin-clutch transmission.

01/26/2011    2:42 PM

This image is said to be a close approximation on the looks of the upcoming BMW 1-series Gran Turismo (GT). The 1-series GT will be the next Gran Turismo model in the BMW lineup following the 5-series GT and preceding the next generation 3-series Gran Turismo model.

The 1 series GT is a mixture of a 5 door hatch and a touring shape. Rear legroom is almost on par with the 5-series sedan.

12/14/2010    12:55 PM

Two FWD BMW variants are coming according to Autocar – a FWD 5-door hatchback and a FWD touring / station wagon model. It’s scheduled to arrive in UK showrooms in 2013 and is expected to have a roomier layout/interior than RWD 1-series variants due to lack of transmission tunnel and more forward A-pillar design.

The engine options will include a 3 cylinder and turbocharged 4 cylinder engine options. The 3 cylinder will be 1.5L diesel and petrol versions and the 4 cylinder will be 2.0L turbo diesel and petrol versions, with start-stop technology, KERS, and heat recovery system. Finally, there’s potential for a ‘ti’ performance variant with 220hp 2.0L turbo 4 cylinder motor!