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12/28/2011    10:20 AM

The 1M coupe is put to the test against its closest and most potent rivals – the Cayman R, Audi TT RS, and Nissan 370Z. Which car comes up on top? See inside for results.

12/28/2011    9:05 AM

This must have felt like Christmas for the folks at Autobild. Autobild knows what it takes to have a great story and has done a special edition on BMW M models, called “Fascination M.” In this special comparo, Autobild gives an overview of all current BMW M models as well as interesting insights into M GmbH. Most interestingly, Autobild pitted all (yes, all) currently available M models against each other on a German race track named Sachsenring.

The outcome? As you’d expect, the M3 CRT (it’s sold out but more info here) is the fastest M car Autobild has ever tested on Sachsenring as it clocked a 1:38.87 minute laptime (the M3 GTS isn’t available no more). An amazing second place goes to the brand-new F10 M5 … CONTINUED

12/27/2011    11:49 AM

Check out this stunning set of photos featuring an equally stunning array of M vehicles!

The cars featured here include:

- e30 m3 evo
- e36 m3
- e46 m3
- e46 m3 csl
- e93 m3
- e92 m3 zcp
- e92 m3 gts
- e82 1m

12/24/2011    1:30 PM

Ok, so Playboy isn’t the auto enthusiasts’ first publication of choice when it comes to automotive expertise, but which of us with Y chromosomes can’t help but pay extra attention when Playboy is mentioned together with BMW :)

The BMW 1M Coupe has made the 2012 Playboy Cars of Year List. Public voting is currently underway to determine the single best car of the year (according to the public), so click through and get your eye candy… I mean your votes in.

12/14/2011    9:00 AM

Check out this beautifully produced feature video by a 1M owner/fan featuring his 1M coupe cruising and playing on the streets and roads of Poland.

12/12/2011    9:15 AM

BMW Car Magazine undertakes a fraternal twins rivalry comparison in pitting HP Autowerks’ BMW 1M coupe against its tuned 135i coupe.

The tuned 135i coupe is equipped with DCT transmission and tuned to be 400+ HP / 420 lb-ft torque with piggyback tune, intake tubing, M3 suspension arms/bushings, coilovers, and exhaust system.

So do all these upgrades to the tuned 135i make it ‘better’ than the factory 1M coupe? Read on inside to see how they compare.

12/07/2011    10:08 AM

GC Automobile, a French racing team which builds silhouette race cars has taken a standard BMW 1M coupe and converted it into a radical looking race car, with a new heart. That new heart is an American Chevy V8 engine tuned by Sodemo Development to produce a maximum output of 550HP.

12/05/2011    12:55 PM

Last Friday (December 2nd) was a memorable day as five 1ADDICTS members simultaneously took performance center delivery of their 1M coupes at the Spartanburg delivery center!

While there are often multiple BIMMERPOST members taking performance center delivery or european delivery on the same day, we’ve yet to see so many of our members taking delivery simultaneously. Check out some great photos from Friday’s deliveries inside.

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12/03/2011    6:00 PM

Here is what we know to be the world’s first Monte Carlo Blue 1M coupe. No, it didn’t come from the factory this way (although we know many a 1M enthusiast who wishes there was a blue color option in addition to black, white, and valencia orange) as no Individual options were available on the 1Ms.

A 1ADDICTS member was among those who pined for a blue 1M, so he sought out aftermarket alternatives – vinyl wrapping. The result is a beautiful and most unique blue BMW 1M coupe.