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11/25/2010    8:09 PM

The next partial reveal of the 1M coupe is imminent and its full unveil is next month, but it continues being evaluated. Just spotted in Munich is this black 1M coupe prototype showing covered M3 mirrors and new LCI headlights/tail lights. The wheels (Style 270M M3 winter wheels) have likely been fitted for some better cold weather traction. These photos also highlight the aggressively flared fenders of the 1 series M coupe.

11/23/2010    12:05 PM

We bring confirmation of the 1 series M coupe’s power numbers! Seen here is a screenshot of upcoming BMW motors, including the 1M coupe’s 340hp motor, and a potential 451hp motor for a US version (or more likely, the next gen F30/F32 M3)!

10/21/2010    8:24 PM

The latest scoop photo of the 1-series M coupe shows several previously unseen elements on the 1M coupe – the production M3 mirrors, the duckbill spoiler, and peeks of the LCI headlights and tail lights. Oh, and there’s also a little ole F10 M5 in the photo.

07/09/2010    5:00 PM

Here are some more pictures of the 1-series M, including the first interior shots. This is still the prototype, so its subject to changes, but so for we have M3 seats, M3 steering wheel and different gauges (not sure if the two-tone dials are here to stay). Fuel cutoff appears to be at 7,000 rpm. Contrary to some reports, you can also see a proper LSD.

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07/08/2010    7:11 PM

The BMW 1M Coupe has been officially revealed and announced by BMW! See inside for preliminary details, videos, and photos. Expect the 1M Coupe to delivered beginning in first half of 2011.

06/07/2010    6:43 AM

Its been a little bit quiet on the BMW 1M / M1 front in the last week, so here are so more spyshots to keep the juices flowing Word is that the cars will begin filming for its advertising spots soon (I assume while it continues development work in Germany and in US hot weather testing). In any event, take a peak at the pictures and enjoy.

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05/10/2010    5:27 AM

Any doubt that BMW is preparing to release an M version of the 1-series can now be put to rest. An M1 / 1M prototype with quad exhausts (a signature modern day M car element) has now been spotted. Until now, skeptics have pointed to the lack of quad exhaust as evidence that this is not an M1 / 1M, but some other higher performance 1-series version (i.e. 135is).

The M3 differential and control arms / links are also very evident in these photos.

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05/01/2010    5:54 PM

To date, weve only seen two test mules so far. The earliest one was the sedona red with chopped fenders to accomidate a wider track and wider wheel/tire combinations. From the exterior, the car was simply a standard 135i with the aformentioned chopped fenders. The second car to arrive on the scene is the now famous black M1/1M we have seen on the nurburgring which appears to have the final body work (under heavy masking of course).

Its time of course to throw a third car into the pile BMW have thrown this new test car onto the ring that appears to sport identical bodywork as the black car (what we assume is the … CONTINUED