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05/04/2011    11:15 AM

1M coupe owners are beginning to receive the special limited gift from registering on M-power.com. It’s a beautiful design sketch of the 1-series M coupe, signed and marked as one of 1000 total.

05/02/2011    9:16 AM

Right out of the gates InsideLine goes for the jugular and lets the readers know their overall opinion of the car. “The 2011 BMW 1 Series M Coupe is a fantastically compelling machine. It is fast — faster in real-world terms than the M3 on most roads.” And that is the basis for the rest of the article, which is filled with praise after praise.

Edmunds states what we know, the power doesn’t match up to the M3, however the massive torque figure makes up for the difference giving the 1M more then enough straight line pull. Whats really notable is that in their drive they felt the power all the way up the RPM band to 7000, without getting any sense of power trailing off. So … CONTINUED

05/01/2011    11:30 AM

animah from Switzerland has taken delivery of his VO BMW 1 Series M Coupe and want kind enough to open a thread to share photos and his experiences with his car so far with everyone. Whats more, he goes as far to leave an open mic for anyone to ask questions about the car and he will do his best to answer them!

04/28/2011    12:45 PM

CAR Magazine got its hands on the 1-series M coupe and the conclusion is like that of the other auto magazines before it – that it is a proper M car, no doubt. Their review focused on comparing the 1M coupe to other BMW offerings (both M and non-M) in assessing whether they felt the 1M was a proper M car and which, if any, of its technology and engineering was a step forward for the M division. Catch some of their notable findings inside.

04/26/2011    2:46 PM

The 1M continues to impress auto publications worldwide, this time at the hands of Autocar, who say that the 1M coupe is not a junior M3, as many suggested it would be, but has its own distinct character and, in real-world terms, is a good deal faster than its more expensive sibling.

04/25/2011    5:35 PM

Have a listen at the great sounding 1M MotoGP safety car with its Akrapovic exhaust system, driven by Stefan Bradl, MotoGP racer.

This drive took place at the Qatar MotoGP, where the 1M safety car made its first appearance. The car is both lighter and faster than the “stock” 1 Series M Coupe, with a lowered chassis and its own unique (blacked out) 19″ wheels. The brake system and adjustable rear spoiler are taken directly from the M3 GTS, not difficult tasks considering how the 1M was concieved. Removing the standard catalytic converters in the rear is good for an additional 7-10 HP, but this was not in the official party line from BMW. While on paper this sounds like a nice CSL/GTS variant … CONTINUED

04/25/2011    11:30 AM

The first 1ADDICTS member to take delivery of an Alpine White 1M coupe has posted some beautiful photos of his brand new 1M. Each of the three 1M coupe colors are now represented by members on 1ADDICTS and we thank them all for sharing their photos and experiences!

04/23/2011    5:00 PM

The most renowned German sports car magazine Sport Auto has published their review. The biggest news first, the 1M did a 1:14.1 in Hockenheim. To add some perspective, the fastest time Sport Auto got for the M3 was 1:14.2 in an E92 M3 ZCP DCT.

Sport Auto clocked 4.7 seconds for 0-62mph and 17.2 seconds for 0-124mph. But it’s not only the measurable performance that impressed the reviewers, it’s also the fun. Purely a subjective matter, but the 1M got 10 out of 10 points for driving pleasure. Sportauto confirms the 1M being tailhappy when driven at the limit with DSC off, but – unlike the AMS review – they don’t consider this a bad thing. To the contrary, it “reminds them of the old BMW … CONTINUED

04/23/2011    11:35 AM

Another 1M review is in from Germany. AMS got their hands on a 1-series M Coupé, and we’ve translated the essential details from their review. In short, AMS considers the 1M one of the best sports cars available but found some drawbacks in daily use and under less than ideal conditions. They clocked an amazing 4.7 seconds for 0-62mph which is on par with the E9x M3 they’ve tested previously. Equally impressive, 0-124mph only took 16.6 seconds while returing an average of 18.2 mpg. AMS gave 4 stars out of 5. The firm ride, traction on wet roads and the steering they consider too heavy apparently avoided a 5-star-rating.