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10/07/2012    11:40 AM

A convertible version of the BMW 1M Coupe never made it to market, but here is a real life look at how it may have looked had it been approved.

Spotted on the streets was this 1M conversion or replica version. The lack of orange stitching on the seats indicates that this is either not a full conversion (with 1M interior) or simply a convertible 1 Series with 1M body panels and parts attached.

09/25/2012    3:00 PM

600 hp and 330 km/h are the key figures of the G1 V8 HURRICANE RS with a supercharged M3 V8 engine and so the world’s fastest BMW 1 M Coupé comes – once again – from G-POWER

After G-POWER has already created the world`s fastest sedan (M5 HURRICANE RR), the world’s fastest LPG-powered car (M5 HURRICANE GS), the world’s fastest estate car (M5 HURRICANE RS Touring), the world’s fastest 4-seated Coupé (M6 HURRICANE RR) and the world’s fastest BMW M3, G-POWER presents with the G1 V8 HURRICANE RS a new high-speed car.
With the G1 V8 HURRICANE RS, G-POWER is making itself an early birthday present in preview of the upcoming 30Th anniversary next year. And for this special occasion G-POWER has fulfilled itself a heart’s desire by … CONTINUED

09/24/2012    10:03 AM

The Porsche Cayman R is the final hurrah for the current generation of Cayman’s, so it should be the best, right? The Smoking Tire pits it against their other favorite midsized sports car, the BMW 1 Series M to find out how they stack up.

09/10/2012    10:30 PM

Check out the dyno results from the EAS Dyno Day this past weekend. 22 BMWs (mostly M3s) showed up throughout the day to put their engines to the test on a Dynoject 224xLC. The day started at 8:00 with the temperature already in the low 80′s, and ended at about 5:30 in the high 90′s! Regardless of the California heat, the cars performed well and everyone seemed to enjoy the show, food and the friendly competition.

The highest dyno’d car was a Matte Black ESS VT2-600 supercharged E92 M3 with 562hp / 364lb-ft torque. They even had the F12/F13 M6 on the dyno.

09/06/2012    2:30 PM

There are not many things people complain about when it comes to the 1 Series M Coupé (1M). But, one of the main complaints was its limited color choices. BMW offered only three colors for the 1M: Alpine White, Sapphire Black and Valencia Orange.

With very few exceptions, BMW turned down requests to produce 1Ms in other (read: Individual) colors. For this reason, many a 1M owner decided to address this “shortcoming” in the aftermarket. One of these included this Frozen Valencia Orange 1M Coupe – the only one we know of in existence.

Inspired by the “frozen” matte paints offered by BMW, the car’s owner brought his Valencia Orange 1M to a friend’s paint shop to have the paint converted to a frozen color. That’s right, this … CONTINUED

09/05/2012    10:30 AM

Schmiedmann shows off its 591HP 1M coupe replica with a supercharged E39 M5 V8 (S62) engine and other monster BMW builds.

09/02/2012    11:50 AM

The 1M coupe was offered in only 3 factory colors, which left many wanting more color choices. This explains the trend of so many 1M coupes getting color makeovers in the aftermarket, usually by way of vinyl wraps.

This is one of my favorites so far – an 1M in Candy Grey Metallic. It looks terrific – flashy without being overly so and looks particularly good matched to its ActiveE hood (with hood bump/bulge).

08/31/2012    8:00 AM

The annual UK National BMW Festival was recently held at the Heritage Motor Centre in the UK. This year’s event celebrated the 40 years of BMW Motorsport and the 60th anniversary of the BMW Car Club of GB.

Check out the massive set of photos inside.

08/27/2012    6:45 PM

On a recent Saturday, 1ADDICTS members visited Manhart Racing GmbH in Wuppertal, near the Essen area in NRW (Western Germany).

The Chef/Boss & Technical Director of Manhart Racing GmbH, Christoph Erfurt showed us around the shop and exlpained in detail any questions we had of their various project cars. While Benedict Spohr the sales manager answered the “how much is THAT” questions.

The Manhart crew could not have been nicer to all ofus 1Addicts. It was a fantastic day with lots of cool cars to droll over. They even let us take turns driving their project 1M! How cool was that! And… we even let them drive some of our highly mod’d 1er’s for their expert opinion.

One thing that I was not aware of is that Manhart also … CONTINUED