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09/25/2010    4:55 PM

The F30 3-series is due in a year and a half so its details and features will gradually come to light, but for now it’s interesting to speculate on its likely features. Have some thoughts on possible F30 equipment and features? Share them and see how accurate you are come 2012.

09/15/2010    6:41 PM

Car and Driver has posted their quick drive impressions for both the 2011 335i sedan and coupe, with some attention paid to how the new N55 engines compare to its predecessor N54 motor. See their quick impressions inside.

09/14/2010    5:00 PM

This isn’t the first time we’ve spotted an F30 335i in testing, but it’s been quite a while. This next generation 335i prototype was recently spotted testing in public in Germany. The interior remains a dummy interior (from the 1-series) fitted for testing purposes only. We’ve yet to spot the production F30 interior.

Compared to the E90 3-series, the F30 will feature a longer wheelbase, but shorter shorter overhangs, for a sporty squat look. It will also have wider and lower kidney grilles. Engine options will include a full range of turbo and naturally aspirated 6-cylinder motors, 4-cylinder motors, and possibly even a new 3-cylinder motor. The F30 335i will again be powered by a turbo 6 cylinder motor.

The F30 3-series sedan will make its world public … CONTINUED

09/10/2010    4:00 PM

The N54 vs. N55 motor comparisons continue, with Automobile Magazine dyno testing the two motors back to back. So what’s the verdict? Well, it’s not quite as simple as declaring a winner. Each motor is better in its own respect and are overall very equally matched. See inside for details.

09/08/2010    6:50 PM

See inside for the the entire list of changes that will take place to most BMW models beginning in September 2010 when the 2011 model year begins for most models. This is a must read primer on ALL changes coming.

09/08/2010    3:45 PM

MR Car Design Design has announced its BMW 335i "Black Scorpion" package. This 335i packs an extra 30% hp increase over stock with 406hp and 530Nm torque. The extra power is achieved with a ECU software, XXL intercooler and a performance exhaust system with new catalytic converters. A KW V3 coilover suspension serves to help the driver deal with all the extra power when handling.

Cosmetic modifications include a set of 20" Breyton Spirit alloy wheels and 235/30F 285/25R tires and a factory M3 hood.

Pricing is as follows:

- ECU tune (849 EUR)

- XXL intercooler (899 EUR)

- Exhaust system (850 EUR)

Attachment 427805


09/07/2010    3:40 PM

This F30 3-series test mule was spied at BMW’s M Test Center at the Ring this past weekend. No more revealing except a new set of wheels, but we again see its balanced proportions and shape. The F30 3-series is expected to debut publicly at the 2012 Geneva Autoshow in March 2012.

09/02/2010    10:30 PM

C&D drives the 2011 335i with N55 motor, focusing specifically on comparing the N55 to the N54 engine (of the earlier 335i model years). 0-60 times were equal, N55 was 1/10 sec. slower in quarter mile and N55 was 1 sec. faster to 140mph.

08/25/2010    8:00 PM

Winding Road Magazine undertakes the latest review of the 3-series ranging topping 335is and asks whether it might be the best all-around 3 there is (M3 included).