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01/28/2010    5:58 PM

Overall, the 2011 BMW models are not significantly changed. The new models are the BMW 5-series and Alpina B7 along with LCI updates to the 3-series coupe and convertible. See inside for 2011 BMW models pricing and details.

01/27/2010    6:26 PM

Here are the latest photos of the F30 3-series that has been spending its time working hard in snow/winter testing. This car was previously caught on video leaving a gas station and now we can see the car in deep snow. If you havent seen it, here is Miis wonderful detailed evaluation of the F30 body based on the spyshots available so far. And now, onto the new pictures…

Attachment 344399

Attachment 344400

Attachment 344401

Attachment 344402

Attachment 344403

Attachment 344404

Attachment 344405

01/27/2010    12:50 PM

We’ve added a new review to the growing list of journalists who were @ the event in Portugal with the car. So far everyone has said very positive things about the car, and it seems most of the journalists come in with their own unique set of perspectives. I think it was a good read.

01/26/2010    8:30 AM

Motor Trend magazine has embarked on an exploration of what its like to live with a Diesel powered car in the USA. One of their long term road test cars happens to be a beautiful montego blue 335d sedan. In the article, they document their 1300mile experience with the car. Its just a start, but I hope to read more about the car and what everyday life with it in the US will be like.

Some quotes from the article


Does a diesel make sense in Americas wide open spaces? You bet. So much so that Im still struggling … CONTINUED

01/25/2010    9:06 PM

We’ve added a video review done in Portugal by the people over at Autospies. Its a high quality review in which they boldly claim that the car is nearly as good as the venerated M3. We have to agree with AutoSpies in that the bar has been lifted further by BMW with the 335is. Watch and form your opinion

01/24/2010    2:00 PM

We’ve added more updates to this amazing thread convering the North American special, ie the 335is. Added more technical information, reviews and of course pricing data. Keep abreast of the latest information on this car by following this thread!

01/22/2010    10:00 PM

We’ve updated the 335is thread with new technical and pricing data. We’ve also added in links to reviews and will keep updating this thread with whatever new information comes around the corner.

01/22/2010    7:06 PM

This is awesome. Automobile magazine was able to get behind the wheel of the all new uprated 335is coupe. The car itself is set to debut at the New York Autoshow ( the eternal home of the E90 )

Here are some selected quotes from the test drive:


The heart of the new "s" model is a modified version of the twin-turbo in-line six that will soon be discontinued in the 335i. Software tweaks have allowed power to be increased from 300 to 320 hp while torque rises 32 lb-ft to a total of 332 lb-ft. BMW predicts that … CONTINUED

01/20/2010    11:14 AM

Here are the first official BMW images of upcoming 2011 335is coupe and convertible! The 335is features an uprated N54 engine (322hp/369tq), available DCT option and aggressive styling. More details and photos inside.